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Home sweet home to me :) Hi my lovelies!

Lemon is on the road this week. They shipped me off to a conference and y’all! It just happens to be at one of my favorite places on earth: The University of Tennessee. Tennessee holds a special place in my heart. We spent several years in Tennessee living in Coalfield when I was in middle school. I fell absolutely madly in love with the state. It’s just gorgeous! I dreamed of playing basketball for Coach Pat. Sadly, that wouldn’t happen but being on the campus is exhilarating!

I’m at the Institute of Newspaper Technology conference and already I’ve learned some great tips and tricks :) Today I attended a session called Cellphone Journalism: News in your Pocket. As I utilize Instagram, Twitter and Facebook daily I was curious to see what Tracey Trumbull would show us. This dude is awesome! Tracey showed several apps and lens that are going to improve my posts.

Some photography apps we explored:

645 Pro645 Pro – Awesome! It’s literally like holding my Canon in my hand..but I’m holding my phone. I have ABW control..manual focus override, multiple focus points. Ahhhhh…it’s bliss.


ezy watermarkEzy WaterMark – I was very, very excited about this one. This app enables you to watermark your photos. I’ve recently had 3 incidents in the last week where my “work” aka photo was stolen and posted by someone else as their own work. Very frustrating as a photographer to experience. So from now on, I can use my personal logo on my own posts and the work logo on work posts. It also allows you to do bottom banners on your twitter pictures which frees up more space for your characters :)


SitSquatSit or Squat – Being an on the go person or news reporter, sometimes you need to find a non-shady bathroom. This app allows you to see the highest rated public restroom closest to you.. and it’s put out by Charmin..go figure right :) I mean who doesn’t love those fluffy, pudgy bears?


Well I’m off to New York next week for the AIGA Gain Conference!! Can’t wait!



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