Finally Friday!

Whew! My loves it’s been a crazy life these past few weeks. I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! Hurray! This weekend holds one of my favorite events of the Fall season!! Merry Marketplace :) It’s put on by our Junior League and they do a FABULOUS job with it.

I worked the preview night last night as one of my friends is the president elect for next year. It was such fun!! I had a great time meeting the vendors and getting to know them. There’s a precious Italian couple this year and he kept me in stitches all night..My sides hurt from laughing so much. They were just as sweet as could be :) I hope I’m that cute when I’m old..geez!

I got off my pity party bandwagon..I know you thought I’d never get my behind back in gear but I did! I’ve been working out steady these past few weeks and those extra lbs are coming off. I went to my doctor because I was concerned about my extreme mood swings and upset stomach. I learned that I was in-taking less than 25% of the amount of protein I should be wonder my body was shutting down! He suggested an amount for me to shoot for and it’s been challenging. I can tell you that I already fell a huge difference! My mind is sharper and I can make it through the day without being completely wiped out at 3pm.

I started going to a new church. I’ve really struggled with this the past year. I find a church and then their beliefs don’t line up with mine. I’m concerned that maybe I’m being too knit picky? But yet I feel I shouldn’t settle on what I believe.

My house is coming along..although I still haven’t officially moved seems like it will never be done..BUT! We’re super close :)

Grad school is awesome! I’m answering questions in class and my professor makes it extremely fun :) He’s a bit kooky but I loe it! I made a B on my first Economics exam! I’m thrilled as it’s the first econ class I’ve ever taken and I was really, really nervous about it! My accounting class is a little rough at the moment, but I’m trudging through.

Boys Boys Boys..why is dating these days so complicated? Whatever happened to just asking a girl out to dinner? I need you boys to step it up.

I get to travel this month! I’m very excited I get to go to two conferences this month! I can’t wait to learn new things and be inspired! I’m hoping to come back with all kinds of new ideas :)

So that’s life with Lemon at the moment :)

How are you? Is everyone loving this fall weather? It’s blissful here!


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