Weekend Wrap Up

Good Monday Morning My Lovelies! I’m ubber behind on my blogging..eeek! Sorry..Here’s last weekend’s post that I forgot to post..oops..

This weekend was super busy..but aren’t they always? Friday night Mother Nature rained on our soccer practice, so I headed into town to meet my mom, grandma and brother for dinner. We had a great time at Western Sizzlin. I got to see one of my favorite boys :) He never fails to make me smile. I didn’t get a TyRo hug because he was working but he made sure we had a great dinning experience.

Afterwards, I scooted over to the bestie’s house to hangout with Baby O. He’s literally my absolute favorite little person to hangout with. We shooed his Mommy and Daddy out the door..because otherwise they would never leave..and headed upstairs for bathtime. It’s the greatest, silliest event of the night. He splashed..I over-exaggerated my sputter..and back and forth we went :) Now Baby O is your typical boy..he hates clothes. He’d run around without them if his mommy would let him. We battled around for a few minutes trying to put his PJ’s on and then Aunt Kat gave up..I mean how harmful is it to let him run around in a t-shirt and diaper? We settled onto the couch to watch some Nickelodeon Jr. I was intrigued by the size of his little toes..hard to believe my boat feet were ever that small! It didn’t take long for Baby O to conch out after his bottle. I took him upstairs and tucked him in. Such a joyous thing..I hope it never gets old. I rocked in his room for awhile just to make sure he was settled.

Then I headed back downstairs to enjoy the rest of The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. It wasn’t very long before my eyes were droopy! But I managed to stay awake till his mommy & daddy got home.

Saturday mornings are always a whirlwind for me. Especially the first game day of the season! We had a double header and I was worried how my kids would handle it. THEY DID MARVELOUS! We lost the first game 3-2 and won the second game 10-3. All 7 of my players showed up this week! That was a first. I didn’t really know what to do with more than 4 players. Last year there were several weekends where my 3 played the entire game with no break. But it’s a great learning experience for me!

I can definitely tell the coaching clinic has made a difference. This past week at practice, Logan said to me: “Miss Kat! This is fun! You’re so fun! I love soccer!”. Totally made the insanity of 20+ hours in a hundred degree weather & the awful sunburn worth it. I spent last weekend on the soccer field completing the requirements for my South Carolina Youth Soccer Association & US National Soccer E-Level certification.

Saturday afternoon, I headed into town to shop with mom and gram. I desperately needed some new soccer shorts. Most of mine are now to small or too short. Thankfully, I found a great pair of Fila shorts at Kohl’s and they were on sale :) I met up with my girls from church for dinner and the Carolina game at a local Mexican restaurant. It was a tense game as Carolina battled Georgia, but we pulled it out at the end! After dinner, we all headed to J’s house to watch Pitch Perfect. We made a pit stop at Bilo to get stuff for brownies & I suggested pairing them with caramel cookie crunch gelato. It was divine! It was nice to be able to kick back and just relax. I feel like I’ve been so stressed out for the last month that it’s just killing me physically.

Sunday was super busy. John Rosemond spoke at our church about Biblical parenting in an un-Biblical world. I got to catch the first part of the 3 part series, but I was in Bible Zone hanging out with the kids for the second part. I’d never helped out in the BZone before so it was quite the sink or swim experience. I’m proud of myself for improving my “flexibility”. I’m a “I like to know what I’m doing so I can prepare ahead” type person, and I was told nothing but hey show up at 10:30 in the gym. Thanks..So yeah..but it was all good :) I had an enjoyable time talking with the kids in my zone.

Sunday afternoon brought the completion of accounting homework. This class might be the stressful death of me my lovelies. I’m struggling to play nice with my professor. After a frustrating study session with Paden, I headed back home but decided to stop at TJ Maxx and Ross to return some items. I had a wonderful experience at TJ Maxx. Their associate was so nice! He greeted me, asked me how he could assist me today and then exchanged my item with no difficulty. However, when I went to Ross it was an entirely different story. I was already tired and slightly frustrated from Paden’s lack of helpfulness during our study session. I walked in the store and there was no one in the return line. There was an elderly lady checking out, the cashier was handing her the receipt and another elderly lady behind her. The lady left and the associate began checking out the lady in front of me. At which point she looked at me, huffed (I kid you not) and loudly told me the return line was over there. (Mind you the little old lady in front of me had 2 jars of jam..that was it..). I replied that their was no one in line when I walked in so I had gotten in line behind the lady. She snottily told me the return line was over there..even though she has completely checked the little old lady out by this time. I asked her what was the difference between me waiting five feet away and right there. At which point..she yelled (kid you not) that it was over…there. So I calmly walked over to the sign. By this time we had an audience..the lady waiting in line for the next cashier (they only had one on duty..and she was a manager {if a manager’s yelling at customer’s that’s bad people!}). The lady asked me what the issue was and I said I don’t really know. There was no one waiting in either line when I walked in so I got in line behind the little old ladies. The manager goes on to ask the other ladies to step up to the register so that she could check them out. Knowing quite well that I had been waiting for now 22mts to return my item. When she ignored me..I realized that I could stay there or..I could refuse to be treated so poorly and leave. Now I am not a sporadic customer at this store. I know most of the associate’s by name and several of my friends work there but I don’t believe anyone should have been treated as rudely as she was treating me.

So needless to say..the weekend didn’t end on a good note for me..




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