Weekend Wrap Up

Hi Lovelies!

It’s Tuesday but feels like a Monday. I thought I’d catch you up on my lunch break today. I usually go for a run but thought blogging might be a little more fun on this insanely hot day in South Carolina.

This weekend was great. Friday night we had soccer practice at the YMCA. Our sweet little team seemed to have turned into sweet little hooligans! Last week they listened so well..this week they were all over the place. But it was fun!

I had a meeting with the student group I advise afterwards at a local restaurant and it is always such an amazing thing to help inspire the next generation of students. We had a brain storming session about events that they could implement for this semester. Our little group of 15 has grown to nearly 90 this year. It’s going to take a lot of work but I have no doubt they can get things done.

Saturday we slaved away at my house. It’s been crazy hot in SC and we’ve not had any rain for a hot minute. My brother and I got most of my living room painted before we were about to keel over from the heat. Saturday night was a blast :) I headed into town to meet up with Chris, Tom and Michelle for the Lyle Lovett concert. When they said Lyle Lovett and his large band..they weren’t joking! I loooooooved it! Chris was a bit perturbed he was missing his favorite Clemson game (aside from Clemson vs USC) but thankfully Tom helped him out and dvr’d the game. The Lyle crew did not disappoint! A 2.5 hr set with no intermission and enough jokes to keep the audience entertained between songs. It was nice to just sit and be still for 2 hours.

After the show, we headed over to Tom and Michelle’s house to watch the Clemson game. I love hanging out with Chris’ boss and his wife. They are the sweetest couple. Michelle and I have a lot in common so it’s never a struggle to make conversation. We talked remodeling while the boys watched the end of the football game.  I will say that this girl is incredibly glad it’s football season. I love, love, love college football!

It was a really fun, relaxed night with Chris. I had debating giving my ticket to one of our mutual friends but I decided to go to the concert at the last-minute. After last week, I just wasn’t really in the mood to be cute or hangout with a guy…but I’m glad I went.

Sunday was insane. Church was great. The older guys class has challenged the guys in our class to a basketball game and it’s the smack talk of the century. They rolled into our class with an air of confidence and bouncing basketballs. It’s really hilarious to see 40-year-old men talking junk.. Dad took mom and I shopping that afternoon before my study session. I was really disappointed. I usually always find cute clothes at Kohl’s but it’s been a struggle lately. I did snag a gorgeous lavender sweater for fall at a steal of $4 :)

I met up with Paden to study for our grad school class and y’all the boy is a trip. I’m really glad we’re going through this program together. We knocked our homework out fairly quickly..mostly because the library was hot as fire and we were both dying.

Sunday night was the commissioning ceremony for two of my dear friends. God has placed an amazing call on their lives and I’m excited to watch them walk this next road. It was very emotional for me. They’ve become somewhat of mentors to me and I’m going to miss studying the word at their house. I’ve no doubt that God is going to do great things through them. Kamden and I managed to cry through most of the service. When you see a mother sharing her heart and baring her soul it is a movement like none other. Rebecca shared her heart with us..her heart is beautiful and the glory that radiates from her is hard to miss. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

After many tears and hugs for Grant and Rebecca, the girls all headed to Starbucks. It’s somewhat of our Sunday night tradition. We were a bit downtrodden at first..but joyful by the end. We had a pizza and movie night afterwards since the majority of us were off for Labor Day. It was crazy fun..I’d forgotten how nice it is to just chill out and relax. I stay so busy 90% of the time that I miss out on those little moments.

It was a bit scary though. The house where we were had a Cocker Spaniel. During the middle of the movie, I went to close the pizza box and he attacked me. Thankfully, I’ve been around dogs my whole life and knew how to respond..but still scary! Thankfully he didn’t pierce the skin and I was able to subdue him quickly. I got him calmed down and he was fine for the next hour. Close to the end of the movie, he was stretched out beside me. I stretched and hit the pizza box with my foot. Not thinking..and he went straight for my face. THAT WAS SCARY! He’s not a big dog, but large enough to make me nervous when he’s flying towards my face. It’s very hard to subdue a dog when there are six girls screaming and a tv blaring. I managed to get my body clear of his teeth. It took a good ten minutes to get him out of the red zone that time. So that was the not so fun part..lol.

Monday was a rest day for me.  I didn’t work on my house at all. Nope. I took myself to Starbucks and grabbed a venti Iced Coffee (a deviation from my norm) then went home to stretch out on the couch. Of course my brain didn’t want to cooperate at all..running 110mph. Dad brought home the Might Ducks movie (throwback to my childhood) and we had a Mighty Ducks marathon. HILARIOUS! I did manage to catch a nap during the second one.

I packed up a good bit of stuff to move to my house. Everything is now sorted, boxed and labelled by room :)

Since my brain wasn’t tired, I decided to go ahead and knock out my grad school work for this week. Figured that would be one less thing to stress over :) So it’s turned in, I’ve made A’s on everything so far and I’m chugging along :)

My little soccer team has their first practice tonight! Can’t wait :)


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