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Whew, it’s been a busy past couple of weeks for me. I know I owe you all about 20 blog posts and I promise I’m going to do better. I have BIG news :) I was accepted into graduate school this week! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but was hesitant to do. I thought long and hard about doing the MBA program. Most of you know that math is a struggle for me and that weighed heavily into my decision. However, after researching extensively the opportunities an MBA would offer me and talking with the chair of the program at length, I decided I wanted to pursue an MBA degree.

I’m really excited! It’s been a stressful two weeks trying to get everything done. The GRE testing center here was booked until this past week which put me right up to the application deadline. Thankfully, I had already submitted the rest of my materials and they were just awaiting my unofficial scores.

I was really nervous about the GRE. I’ve been out of college for two years this November. Crazy to think I’ve been in the “real” world that long. But, I downloaded the GRE app (WHICH I LOVED!!) and started studying everyday on my lunch break and any other time I could find. It was a long test. I had to take it at night because that was the only time they had available. Don’t do that if you can help it! Working an 8 hour day and then going straight to take a test was awful. I stressed out about the test all day at work, work was super crazy, and it made for a very long 3 hour test.

It was overwhelming before it ever started. The testing center essentially made you strip sweaters, no jackets, no long sleeves. They inspected my forearms and legs, swiped me down with a metal detector and made me empty all pockets. They take all your personal belongings: cellphone, keys, jewelry and place them into a locker. I literally felt like I was in prison. The room where you take the test was extremely cold, they put you in a box and monitor you by video and the testing center person walks and stands behind you every so many minutes. It was unnerving. You had to have your driver’s license on you at all times. They took a mug shot at the beginning and end of the test. Anytime you left the room, you were required to sign in and out. Trips to the bathroom required a repeat strip down, metal detector search. I had not received any information from them alerting me to their procedures and I was not mentally prepared for it.

I settled into the test and surprisingly moved through it quickly. Thankfully they did provide us with contractor grade earplugs. The only thing I could hear through them was my heartbeat. I felt very confident. I can tell the preparation paid off. Many of the questions I was able to figure out using the skills the prep course had taught me.

I received my unofficial score at the end and was pleasantly surprised to see I’d done well in both categories. I knew the verbal would be easy for me. (Thanks to my mom raising a girl who loves to keep her nose in a book!) The math I scored above average in which was a HUGE relief for me. Overall, compared to the national average score, I scored in the top 95% percentile. I was happy with that.

I sent my scores into the MBA program director and she sent me back a welcome to the program email a few days later. Those few days were a bit nerve wracking! I received my official letter in the mail on Monday and was sooo excited. I was on the phone with James when I got it and completely spaced out on him. I couldn’t even speak! I called him back a few minutes later and managed to stutter out that I got in. He was so great! He’s been nothing but encouraging these past few weeks. I was sharing my concerns about not being able to score well enough and he reminded me that I have always studied and done well in academics..and as he says..ya super smart girl!. So super smart girl is on the excited MBA bound train.

I spent two hours this morning trying to get my classes straight. They start Saturday and we already have homework due Sunday night. One would think it would be fairly easy to register as a grad student at the same institution where you received your undergrad..but it was struggle! There were two holds on my account. After spending a half hour trying to determine which office I needed to talk to, I headed to my friend’s office to ask her for help. She was so great. She walked me around campus until we got it all straightened out and then personally registered me for classes. After that, I had to make a trip to the registrar’s office to get late fees removed..that took a minute but they got it done.

So I’m OFFICIALLY in and registered :) Ready for Saturday to roll around. It’s going to be a ton of fun I think. Two of my really good friends are doing the program as well and we already have study dates on the books. Now to just get started on this homework..


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