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I am so excited! I know I keep saying that..but I am! I have a whole room in my new house that’s going to be dedicated as a studio space for me. FINALLY! I have some room to work and spread out. But now comes the to lay it out. I was talking with Michelle from about it and she suggested a great blog hop! Creative Spaces recently featured a ton of amazing ladies and over 152 ideas for creative space! I was in awe.. Here’s the link if you want to check it out!


Here’s a few things I saw that I loved!

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had tucked away on my Pinterest board..

I met Nina a few weeks ago on a trip to the lake and she has an amazing quilting space! She was kind enough to let me invade her studio for a few hours. We talked logistics and how the space works for her for about an hour. She has a fairly non-traditional layout and most of her furniture has been up-cycled! She had a great storage system. She keeps each project in its own storage bin. No more having to hunt for fabric! She said it helps keep everything she needs together in one place. I loooooved that idea! She also up-cycled an old Hoosier cabinet! LOVE THEM!

So what kind of space am I working with? It’s fairly good starter studio! Lots of natural light during the day. I basically stick to 4 major areas of crafting..the biggest space consumer being quilting, then crochet, jewelry making, and lastly my drawing/sketching/painting. I want to utilize my space to the best of my ability..

I’m thinking a large table in the center..drafting table (I found it at the Goodwill 3 years ago for dirt cheap! I love it when they don’t know what they’ve got.) by the window..corkboard and sewing machine on the back wall + quilting supplies (fabric..lots of it & thread). Right side wall will be my graphic design wall. I have a ton of letterpress pieces and type drawers that I’ll mount there. I’m also an origami nerd and collect handmade paper like a boss. I started making my own paper two years ago and hopefully this year (now that I have a large backyard to work in!) I’ll be able to make large sheets.

So my dears! Any suggestions? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Any favorite storage solution brands you would recommend?


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