New House, New Shop, New Dog

Hey Lovelies!

It seems like July is going to be a good month for me! I’m set to close on my house this Thursday and I can’t wait. It’s so cute! The more I’m over there the more I absolutely love it. I met my new neighbors last night!! And what a surprise I had when I realized it was someone I know! (Yay for not having to live next to creepy, strangers..). They’ve lived there for 25 years and liked to have talked my ears off last night.

My new backdoor was installed yesterday :) Got to love some French doors. Next up will be the floors :) Happy 4th of July project to me!

But since I’ve got the space in my new house, Lemon’s shop is coming back. New inventory and more coming over the next couple of week’s. Check it out here!

Here’s a preview of some bangles I cranked out last night. More coming tonight!

Off to make more bangles!


One Styling, Bangle Stacking Lemon

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