She Said Yes! Now we have to find a dress…Part 1

HI LOVELIES!!! I’ve got another busy weekend to tell you about this week & a HUGE announcement to make.

Friday I had an amazing opportunity to work promotion for a Clint Black concert here in town. I spent about 2 hours mingling around After Five which is a great event that our town hosts during the summer. I passed out cards about the concert and told people about upcoming events at our Performing Arts Center.  I also got to photograph the Clint Black meet and greet. I always love being backstage at a concert! I missed the opening act, Michaelis, but heard them over the backstage speakers. Clint was so cute! (I know he’d probably cringe at that adjective, but he was so nice and polite. Much nicer than Travis!). We spent a few minutes chatting with him and then it was downstairs to enter the concert.

Chris met me after he got off work. His boss and his wife were there as well. We had a great time! The music was phenomenal. The Performing Arts Center is about as acoustically sound as you can get and there isn’t a “bad” place to sit in the entire venue.

The concert was fabulous! I really enjoyed the light show! Totally a nerd comment I know..but hey..I used to make those and I know how much work goes into them :) It was really fun to spend some time with Chris. He’s such a sweetheart. His boss and his wife invited us to go hangout with them after the concert. So we went to a local hotspot and spent some time with them. Michelle and I had the greatest time chatting and hanging out listening to the band. The boys were mingling…pretty typical for Chris. He talks more than I do. He eventually found me and apologized for being gone so long. At this point..I was starving. The grill at the restaurant we were at had already closed and I refuse to eat McDonald’s. Chris had gotten off work late and hadn’t eaten either so we decided to go get some waffles. ‘Cause in our town that’s the only thing open after 10:30pm :) I had never eaten at one of our local pancake places. It’s pretty renowned in our town and our waitress was appalled that I made it all the way through college here without a 2am study session there. She even gave me a discount on my waffle :) I ordered my favorite. Belgian waffle with blueberries and eggs on the was divine! Chris laughed at me for putting syrup on my eggs..but’s good!

We had the best time laughing and talking over eggs and waffles. He even shared his cheesy grits. We watched a movie after that and I ended up having to go rescue my cousin so our night was cut short. (Grrr…cousins who drink too much on empty stomachs..) But he was sweet about it. He offered to ride with me to pick her up and take her home :) Needless to say, by the time I got to sleep it was a time in the early morning I seldom see. I slept for a few hours before getting up to pack for Charleston. We’re going to preview wedding venues and dresses!


One Tired Lemon

PS: Part 2 Coming Up!!

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