Weekend Wrap Up :)

Hi Lovelies!

Whew! It’s been a busy, busy weekend :) But oh so good!

Friday, I had to work half a day. Super easy..I got quite a bit done :) The perks of being the only one at work. After work, I headed uptown to meet my dad and sister, who was home for the weekend. We had a great lunch at Moe’s and ended up conning my sister into running the 5K with me Saturday. After lunch Brit and I had to run back to the university where I work..because this kid forgot her kicks in her staff locker in the gym..I know right? Who does that? Afterwards, we spent the afternoon cruising around town shopping (because we both had shopping money for once!) and I found some really cute stuff for my new house!

I hung out with Chris and Logan for a little bit before I went to go celebrate my best friend’s graduation with her :) I’m soooo proud of her. She has hung in there like a trouper this semester. It’s been rough and tough but she pulled through. All of her coworkers, her mom, sister and I met up at Mellow Mushroom and actually surprised her with a gift. She’s the world’s best gift guesser. Fooling her is next to impossible but we got her :) We all pitched in on a KitchenAid mixer for her. I have another secret about her but I can’t share it yet!! Let’s just say big things will be happening in her life soon!!

Last summer ago we went through a very intense DIY phase :) We made a coffee table out of a pallet and Teri loves to store wine bottles in it. It has a glass top so they essentially become the artwork. I love Amazon vouchers, I recently bought one for WineGreeting.com and I made her a custom designed wine bottle for her graduation present. I must say I was a little disappointed when I received it. There was a red streak on the label and online it had appeared clear when I uploaded my design. It looked boss! But it was white..oh well..none the less..She loved it :)

After dinner, the Crunkleton girls and I headed downtown to the beach music festival. Chris lives about 5mts away and the boy does love his beach music. I called him to see if he wanted to come hangout and dance with us. Y’all..this boy makes me smile :) He told me to come pick him up and so I ran over to get him. They were in the middle of grilling steaks and corn. He left the boys in charge of the steaks..told them not to burn them..grabbed my hand and said: “Let’s go dance darlin’!” (Be still my beating heart..)

Teri wasn’t really in a dancing mood but Kara and I took full advantage of Chris :) We spent the rest of the night hanging out downtown shagging and swing dancing the night away. I have such fun with him..he’s teaching me how to shag. I know..I’m a Southern girl and can’t shag a lick..it’s pathetic. Teri and I resolved to take lessons this summer.

Afterwards, I ran Chris back home and stayed for a minute with his crew. Those boys are precious. We watched a movie for a little while, they were pigging out on corn and steak..I was trying my best to stay awake. I finally gave up and headed home to get ready to race Saturday! They always give me a hard time because I never stay for an entire movie..I either see the beginning or get there at the end.

I love the Run Like a Pirate – Race for Taylor. It’s probably one of my favorite races to run each year. It was rumored that this year would be the last year. I signed up and then talked my dad into running it with me. For all my #runchat peeps, you’ll be thrilled to know that my dad is a marathon runner. He once ran an entire marathon with me in a stroller..talk about boss! He had congestive heart failure 3 years ago. Heart conditions are genetic in our family..my sister had heart surgery two years ago for the same thing my dad has apparently had his entire life and no one knew. The doctor told him he would probably never be able to run again. I’m pleased to say that not only has he baffled his doctors, he’s scheduled to run his first post-heart surgery half-marathon this fall. He’s aiming for a full marathon next year. Pretty impressive for a 60 year old if I do say so :)

My goal was to keep pace with my sister. She’s a far better runner than I am..hopefully I’ll catch up with her though! She cheats and trains with her boyfriend who’s in teh Navy. She’s 5’2 and I’m 5’8 so there’s a little bit of stride difference between us. I kept pace with her for the first mile. My dad caught me and I hung with him for about a half a mile. My goal for this race was to have fun but to push myself. I wanted to break 40mts. At 2.77 miles, I was at 34:29. Unfortunately, I got caught at the stoplight on the way back to the finish line.

I was a lot more nervous on the course this year. Last year, they blocked it off and re-routed traffic. This year they didn’t. Myself and 2 others runners were almost hit by an SUV who was going to fast. Thankfully, I didn’t have my ear-buds in and heard it. The runner with headphones on did not, but we were able to grab her arm in time. I was getting pretty close to the finish line when Anna from The Things I’m Learning passed me on her cool down. She was awesome and gave me a high five :) Just the thing every tired runner needs!

As I was approaching the finish, the girl that had been keeping pace with me started to pass me. Well I’m sorry but I’m not about to let somebody snake me at the finish line. She picked up her pace, I knocked mine up two levels..she picked up some more..and I said bump it..and sprinted in. Anna’s husband and my sister saw me coming and started cheering me in. Britni ran part of the way in with me (Super awesome!). My dad had to leave to get to work, but Britni and I stayed to watch the award ceremony. It’s always my favorite part :) Anna took home a trophy, my friend Wickham (the pirate on the right in the photo above) took home some bling and guess what!! My dad won 2nd place in his age bracket :) Here, here! So we grabbed his race bling for him and headed home.

Saturday afternoon, I worked a wedding. For all of us who use Pinterest..it was like a Pinterest wedding board came to life. As EJ and I were on the way down there, I realized that I had designed the bride’s wedding programs..it’s a small world after all! We had a blast running the photo booth at the reception.

I must say I loved the candy table. They had a sign that said..Hugs & Kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs.! Each guest could make a little to-go baggie with Mary Jane’s, Squirrel Nuts, Laffy Taffy, Hershey Kisses, sugar cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels.

I had fun hanging out with EJ. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together outside of work but we had an hour ride there and an hour ride back to talk girl stuff :)

Sunday was equally as busy! I had a meeting yesterday afternoon and then we had Sunday Night Dinner club :) It’s super fun..basically after church everyone grabs their own fast food and we meet up at our core group leader’s house for dinner. It was a little bittersweet last night. They told us that they feel called to the mission field and will be leaving us in the fall. (Enter all the crying girls..) But! I’m sooooo excited for them! Their kids are excited and we’ll just have to pray that God brings a couple that has a passion for us unique kiddos that don’t fit into the college class but aren’t young & married..

So what were you up to this weekend? Anything fun?


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