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Hello Lovelies! It’s another Monday with Michelle from I must say I love Sunday nights because I get to read her updates :) So let’s check in!

Counting the hours, my friends, counting the hours!

As I write this I am on day 28 of my 30-day Whole30 journey.  “Journey” seems like such a big and long word for a 30-day eating regimen, but it’s been something, that’s for sure.

This week was rough.  I did not want to eat anything.  Food simply did not appeal to me.  I read on the official Whole30 timeline that this happens, but it happened a week late for me.  I could eat fruit all day long, but even though they are natural sugars, it’s still sugar, so I didn’t do that.  I was sick of vegetables without butter on them.  Meat is starting to taste bland – I was missing cream sauces and barbecue sauce and real ketchup.  So I didn’t eat much.  Thing is though, I was still full and never hungry.  I had been eating my 3 meals a day, but this week I could not choke down 3 meals and did mostly a day meal and a dinner meal.  I was almost in tears one night and I said “I hate food” all whiney and crybabyish.  Never in my life have I not wanted food – hence my problem – LOL  But I powered through.

And as of this writing I have lost 30.8 pounds.
My husband has lost 38.2 pounds.  Holy crap he’s doing so good!  So am I, but dang, he’s a champ.

Kat had asked me how my kids are doing with Whole30.  I would say they are on a modified, more loose version of it.  They eat mostly what we eat, but they still have rice with their dinner, and a glass of milk; and cereal for breakfast.  However, I have noticed their snacking habits have improved.  My son has been eating carrots with peanut butter a lot lately – even with chips and popcorn in the house.  And my daughter made herself a salad yesterday – as a snack.  So the healthy eating is getting through to them and I think that’s fantastic.  My daughter even told me that “technically” they are doing Whole30 too – ha.  Cute, but not even…

Alright.  I have 2 days left – today and tomorrow.  I’ll be back next week with my final report of how I finished and what I did after I finished.


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2 thoughts on “Mondays with Michelle

  1. I know exactly what you mean with the whole food-is-not-appealing-thing! Just this morning I was thinking about how I need to spice up some of my meals before I develop an aversion to food! Glad to hear that this is not only me.


  2. Yay!! So glad you are almost done with the regimen and I’m so sorry it has been super rough for you! But you are strong and have really pulled through! I’m really proud for you and happy with your progress! Hooray for the kids eating healthy too! ;). Can’t wait to see your final weeks results! Lots of hugs!!


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