Brotherly Love..12 miles and counting

Lupus runner, Jessie, is aided by big brother Jeffrey Russell as she runs to complete the Boston Marathon.
Lupus runner, Jessie, is aided by big brother Jeffrey as she runs to complete the Boston Marathon // Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! WBZ4

I love a happy news stories! Don’t you? I get really saddened when I all I hear and see on the news is “bad” news. Today I stumbled upon a story that brought tears to my eyes.

Last year, I ran a race with my brother on Thanksgiving and I really struggled. It’s the only race I’ve almost quit and not finished. (I never quit anything!). But in the extreme cold  the last mile stretch my little brother runs up behind me (he had long ago finished) and yelled at me. Yes, he yelled. He knows nothing makes me move faster or quicker than people telling me I can’t do something. Through tears, incredible pain and embarrassment, I ran. He prodded me, ran circles around me and yelled me into the finish line. I have never loved him more.

This story brought that memory to mind :) So many people followed the “big” names at the Boston Marathon, but behind the greats, I believe, was one of the greatest stories of all. A brother who loved his sister so much he ran the last 12 miles of Boston with her to enable her to finish her dream of running the Boston Marathon. But Jessie isn’t your typical runner! She was diagnosed with Lupus her junior year of high school and being out in the sun is extremely difficult for her.

Her brother, Jeffrey, knew that the sun would be a challenge for her. At mile 14, Jessie thought she might have to stop. She was pushing to get to the medical tent when she noticed someone running at her. It was Jeffrey :) Big brother had been tailing her along the route shouting encouragement and taking photos. He told her if it was just the sun not to stop. He then ran into a local toy shop and bought an umbrella with sharks on it. In work boots and jeans, he ran/speed-walked next Jessie to holding the shark umbrella over her, sporting her running fanny pack and supplying her with water along the way. Step by step, Jeffrey and Jessie moved along the 12 miles until they crossed the finish line at 7:16pm :)

That ladies and true love! A brother loving his sister so much he endures 12 miles in work boots and jeans to help her live her dream. Jeffrey, I hope you had on really good socks :)

To the big brothers (and little brothers!) of the world who push their sisters to finish races..thank you!

One Teary Eyed Lemon


PS: See the video of Jessie and Jeffrey running here! Jessie Runs Boston

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