When you’re not sure what to say..



It’s been a year. I’ve not known what to say or how to say what I’ve wanted to say about the Boston marathon. It’s been a year of pain for many runners.

Last year my dear friend Ginger was running the Boston Marathon. She would cross the finish line 15 minutes before the bomb would explode. While we were blessed with her safety, many families were not so fortunate.

Today I saw a video that lead me to tears. It’s a tragedy this event. How do we honor those fallen but rejoice with those still here? It’s this emotional battle within us. This year my twitter buddy will be running Boston 20 weeks pregnant. I’ll be tweeting her encouragement the entire day.



On Monday, many of us in the #runchat community will be breaking company dress code in support of the runners racing. I urge you to wear your sneakers :) I’ll be wearing my Boston Strong shirt and watching the marathon online (with my boss!).


To all of the runners racing in honor and memory of runners fallen, run a step for me.



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