Watch out for that….TREEEEEEEE!

Good Morning My Lovelies :)

Do you ever have moments in life where you just chuckle? I had one last’s slightly embarrassing but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I missed my #runch yesterday for a spur of the moment lunch date with my cousin. So much fun to hangout with her. (Even if she has tonsillitis!)

Since I missed my lunch run, I decided to grab a quick run after work. I suited up, hit the begin run button and I off I went to do my 2 mile loop. I’m trying to get my body back into 10K shape. It’s been a slow journey but we’re coming along! I was running along..enjoying the scenery, smelling the fresh air when my phone started ringing.

I looked down to see who was calling and completely missed a hanging tree branch. WHAP right into the left side of my face. It had a lovely knot that connected with my eyeball. Totally felt like George of the Jungle :) (For you non-nineties kids..that’s a hilarious movie you need to watch!)

Needless to the time I got home 40 minutes later..I had a nice shiner and spent the rest of the night icing the left side of my face.

What’s the funniest running moment you’ve had?


One Tree Watching Lemon


PS: Here’s a little George for ya!


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