Life is good..


Hello my lovelies!
Life is good :) This past week has been amazing! I’ve never had so much fun in one week. I might be slightly exhausted as I’ve secretly been staying up past my bed time. But you’re only young once right!

I’ve just finished a 4 mile run!!! The longest run I’ve done since my accident. It’s the first entirely pain free run I’ve had and I felt like I needed a little reward. So I’m sitting here at Starbucks relishing in my running success. I finally broke 40! I came in with right at about a 9:28mile.

Happy legs = Happy Lemon!

I’m sitting here enjoying my venti iced green tea, no extra water, two pumps classic listening to this awkward conversation of a first date occurring to my left. I have no shame lol :) needless to say their date is about as awkward as most first dates I’ve been on.

But enough about me! How are you!?! How is the running going? Any big races coming up?

One Tea Infused Lemon

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One thought on “Life is good..

  1. Yay for a good run! Nice to relax and enjoy it :) I have one more event next Saturday – 15K then I am taking a racing break :) Summer is tooo hot for races lol


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