Fabulous Friday!

Whew! I made it :) It’s finally Friday..what a crazy, busy, awesome week this has been! I love Friday’s because it means it’s time to link up with Lauren Elizabeth & High Five for Friday :)

High Five #1 ~ RJ was home from school for the whole week :)

So I’m super blessed to this guy in my life :) He’s so much fun and I have totally taken advantage of the fact that he was home from school this week. We kicked his “off week” off by attending the Carolina Cup. It was the first time either of us had been and we had a blast. Sunday, we rode to Columbia to catch a USC baseball game. Road trip and baseball = totally speaking my language! We’re both Starbucks junkies so we’ve made a few Starbucks runs this week. We have been known to close Starbucks down :) It’s been great to talk with him face to face. I love Snapchat and text messages..but hanging out in person is 20 bazillion times better in my book.

High Five #2 ~ My lotion is back in stock :)

I know for you boys that lotion might not be a huge deal..but for this girl it’s an emergency when she runs out of her favorite moisturizer. Thankfully GNC got some back in stock and sold it to me at a discount since I’d been waiting on it. Woot  Woot!

High Five #3 ~ Last Soccer Practice Till August!

I have thoroughly loved coaching soccer this season. It was my first season as head coach and I learned some valuable lessons. I’ve been asked to coach an all girls team in the fall and I am SO EXCITED!! Soccer is a great sport for girls to play. It helped me develop leadership skills, strategy, aggressiveness and conflict management techniques. I’m going to miss my kiddos though!

High Five #4 ~ Birthday Lunch with the Boss!

Last week we celebrated my birthday, this week we celebrated my boss’ (who is a dear friend!) birthday! We have a great tea spot downtown and we headed there yesterday to celebrate her next to last birthday in her 20’s. I sipped on my mint tea and enjoyed the sunshine. They recently added an outdoor patio and we took full advantage of it. She even got a free birthday brownie! 

This week has been beyond fabulous! How has your week been?



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