High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday! It’s also my BIRTHDAY :) Woot Woot! I thought this Friday I would share 5 of my favorite bloggers with you :)

High Five #1 Goes to The Things I’m Learning


Meet Anna. This crazy, cool girl is doing some amazing things! I love following her blog. She has great tips about faith, family and life in general. I’ve seen her around at several races. She’s typically wayyyyyy out in front of me :) She is an avid runner and I’m super excited about her new blog dedicated solely to her two favorite things..running and smiling. You can find her talking about her running life at Running Smiles!




High Five #2 Goes to Caravan Sonnet


Meet Rebecca :) I have been so blessed to get to know Rebecca through the Big Little blog connection. She was my “big” for three months. She’s recently opened up a great vintage shop on Instagram called Chalk and Pine. Her story and blog posts never fail to inspire me. Get to know her! I promise you’ll love her :)






High Five #3 Goes to Just a Taste


Meet Kelly! If it wasn’t for Kelly my recipe book might be a lot smaller :) Her recipes are AMAHHHHZING! I’ve recently made her pretzel chocolate chip cookie bars and sadly there are only 2 squares left! They were so yummy my roommates ate them all up! Kelly bring the flavors of life to life for me. She’s inspiring and has great weekly videos to help you save time in the kitchen.





High Five #4 Goes to Pushups and Polish

EmBibbMeet Em! Em is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. It’s because of her blog (& Anna’s) that I started blogging! Em and I are at about the same point in this journey of life and I love following along with her as she figures life out. She is the holder of my favorite brownie recipe..and the best part? It’s a guilt free brownie! From fashion to fitness, Em’s always got something fabulous going on over at Pushups and Polish.






High Five #5 Goes to Southern Sunflowers & Coffee Beans

LoganMeet Logan! A fellow coffee addict, I love following this girl’s blog! She’s as much of a book-worm as I am and I love reading her reviews. I have loved watching her journey into motherhood. Her little boy is the cutest!






What about y’all? Have some all-time favorite bloggers?



One Birthday Celebrating Lemon!

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