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I’ve been avidly house hunting for several months now..and I must tell you it’s frustrating! You find the “perfect” house only to have it bought before you can put an offer on it (I’ve looked at 8 in a row that sold the day after I looked at them). You look and look and finally find another perfect house only to have the seller be a stick in the mud.

I thought this was supposed to be easy? You put a bid on it, they counter, you counter, they agree and happy day..but no. It’s been offer, rejected, offer, rejected over and over. Is my real estate agent not aggressive enough? I don’t know.

I put two bids on a house. The seller was supposedly “highly motivated” which I’m beginning to think is a farce. She didn’t budge at all. The house has been on the market for over a year and I’m the first offer its had in 8 months. After going back and forth with her, I finally gave up and went back to square one.

20 houses later, I find THE HOUSE! The one that I’ve been dreaming of. Hardwood floors, fireplace, open kitchen and lots of windows. It’s beautiful! The interior colors are already exactly what I would have painted it..teals and grays and warm creams. After 3 weeks of going back and forth with the broker, she still hasn’t gotten answers to my questions or given me a completed seller’s disclosure. I’ve put two offers on the house neither of which she seems to have shown to her client.

But here’s the thing that really ticks me off…I know I’m young, I know I’m single, I know I’m not going to buy a $245,000 house..but don’t I deserve the same assistance and treatment as someone who would? Because one day, I’ll be that person. To be 25 years old and buying your first house is quite a feat in my opinion. Most of my peers are living in dingy apartments or sloppy rental houses. I haven’t worked my fingers to the bone for four years saving up money to be treated ill. I’m not sure why I’m not being taken seriously. I’ve been pre-approved for the loan and I have extremely good credit. What’s the deal people?

SO..have any of you had house hunting horrors? Any tips for a first time home buyer?


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