Where is Lemon?

Hello my Lovelies!

It’s been an insane two weeks of my life these past two weeks. Let me bring you up to speed :) 

Week One: It snowed! It’s very rare in my part of the state that we get snow. Typically if we get any each year it’s in February or March as they tend to be our coldest winter months. I was fortunate enough to get two whole days and a half off from work. South Carolinians don’t drive very well in snowy weather…I spent my days off reading, crocheting and catching up on my sleep. February and March are busy months for me a soccer kicks off and it’s the beginning of the bridal season…which means showers, rehearsals, dinners, photo-shoots and dress shopping/fittings. Thankfully this year Lemon is fortunate enough not to have to endure another heinous, awful canary yellow bridesmaid dress. I simply get to go, eat free food and be happy for the lucky couple.

I took a little hiatus from the internet on my off days. As a graphic designer I spend 8-10 hours a day on a computer..pretty much the last thing I want to do when I get home is get back on my computer.

Week Two: We started soccer at the YMCA and I must say we have some great kids this year! They are so excited and ready to play. Always something a coach is looking for. One of the girls on the team asked me how old I was. I told her and she got this shocked look on her face. I guess being 20-something is old to a 4-year-old :) She then asked my why I wasn’t married…I replied and told her maybe I just hadn’t met the right boy yet. She said: “Coach Kat..you need to date more. Then you can find the right boy, get married and kiss a LOT!”..You can’t refute a 4yr old’s logic :)

Soccer went well. It was bitterly cold and the kids were troopers to last as long as they did.

I spent the next two days curled around my toilet with a nasty case of food poisoning. I won’t gore you / bore you with details but just know..Lemon felt like death.

Finished out the work week. I had the opportunity to work as a runner for the Travis Tritt concert this weekend. It was awesome. I spent the day hanging out backstage with the crew while we loaded in and set up. I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow with some photos :)

Today I headed to the country to attend my cousin-to-be’s bridal shower. (She seriously has one every weekend.) We’re 41 days out from the wedding. I love that she’s joining our family but occasionally her shower’s drive me nuts. I’m a very self-sufficient person and she struggles with boiling water. Her idea of cooking dinner is getting take out and serving it on a plate. But it was a lovely shower. She got a ton of stuff. I’m not sure how they’re going to fit it into their house.

I hate showers. As a single girl, the last thing I freaking want to do is sit around with 8 other girls who are all engaged/married/popping out babies for 2 hours. Have some mercy on us and talk about something other than how cute your husband is or what precious thing he did…gag me….(mini rant complete now)

So that’s where Lemon’s been :) Sorry I’ve been a bit mum these past two weeks.

How have you been my dears? Get any snow lately?



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