2014 Running Goals


This has been a bit tricky! I struggled to knock the end of 2013 out, but alas..the limbs and joints are feeling better than ever. So time for me to get to it!

My running goals for 2014:

1 – Run consistently!

I want to put in at least 3 good runs a week. Pushing for farther distances instead of faster times.

2 – Run with a purpose!

I want to have a goal and run that goal. The little goal: be able to run a 5K without stopping by March. The big goal: run 1200 miles for the year! The long goal: train & run a 10K by December. Last year I logged a little over 624 miles. I ran from my house in SC to the center of NYC :)

3 – Create a training plan and stick with it.

If you look at my training log from 2013, you’ll see I go through “phases”. I get really into Zumba then I get burnt out on it. I get bored with working out really easily. I need some variety to my workouts. So this year, I’m going to meet with my trainer at the gym and customize my training plan. I really want to focus on my core conditioning. My legs are solid but the flexibility needs some work. For that, I’m incorporating 2 days of yoga into my workout plan.

4 – Run with a buddy!

I noticed a lot of improvement last year when I was training with two other people. This year I’m bitting the bullet and joining a running club. They really intimidate me so this is a big step for this baby runner. I’m hoping to gain insight and knowledge about my form, difficulty breathing and stride.

5 – Get that Sub 40!

I’ve been stuck in the 41 mt range for a couple of months now. I was down to a 37 mt 5 K..you have to start somewhere right? But hey it’s better than the 54mt I was sitting at sooo…yeah. I want to focus on a steady pace. I start off slow, second mile is good, third mile is usually great. I want to be consistent and steady instead of fast/slow/fast or slow/fast/sluggish.

6 – Run the Grand Prix!

Our local running timing company is putting on a grand prix of running this year. Over 14 something races and you have to run 10 of them. So I thought it’d be a nice challenge :)

7 – Have Fun!

I used to hate running. I never thought I’d be doing it for recreation or fun. It’s always just been work for me. But I miss my “college” shape. I played soccer for a couple of years in college and let me tell you that “retired” athlete life is crap. You gain a ton of weight ’cause you’re still eating like you’re a soccer boss but not working out like you’re a soccer boss. This year I’m hoping to get close to being back in “soccer shape”.

What are your running or fitness goals for 2014? Have any good running tips or tricks for me?


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2 thoughts on “2014 Running Goals

  1. Like you, I want to run consistently, and I want to make a plan and stick to it. I had a plan I was supposed to start yesterday but life got completely in the way, so I’ve set a start date for this upcoming Monday. I also want to run my 1st official 5k this spring, and a 10k by the end of summer. At least 4 or 5 races total before winter comes back around.

    I also want to cross train, both at home with and without weights, and by riding horses again. Horseback riding is a great way to strengthen your legs and core. When I was riding 5-8 hours a day I was in amazing shape, and I’d like to get back to that.


    1. Great plan! For your first 5K check the course maps out :) I made the mistake of not doing that and ran hill after hill..needless to say I wasn’t quite ready for that. I’m an avid equestrian! Totally the best workout without realizing you’re working out :)


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