Goodbye Dear Friend

Dearest Kirby,

I remember the night I adopted you. It was cold and rainy. I was on my way home from a long shift at work when I got a frantic call from my sister telling me to come now. I hurried to meet her at the animal shelter. The first time we met neither of us was a fan of the other. You growled, I gave you “the look” and signed the papers to adopt you anyway. We had a time getting you home that night…you were not a happy camper.

The first night you wouldn’t even come out from under the bed. I remember thinking you were the meanest cat I had ever met. But then I wondered who could have treated you so poorly to make you so mean. You frustrated me so! Biting me, never letting me touch you..I remember the first time you let me pet you. It was on your terms and your time limit. Short and sweet..but I knew we were making progress. It took a year and a half before you decided we weren’t so bad : )

You were so sneaky..always hiding in the house when you didn’t want to go outside. Sneaking into my room in the mornings and pouncing on my face to wake me up for school. Never letting me work on my laptop when I got home because you had to be petted first otherwise you just laid on the keyboard until I petted you anyways :) You always made me clear my windowsill each morning so you could bask in the sun. Stealing my favorite blanket and dragging it to your favorite spot.

You even brought good old dad around. I’m sorry he called you know names aren’t his thing.

Gosh, I can’t believe how big you grew! Leave it to my sister to adopt a cat that turned out to be a Maine Coon :) But how I loved your big self! Your little heart thawed and you loved us like crazy. It’s amazing how one 20lb ball of fur can creep into your heart and steal it without you even realizing it. I was always glad when my sister went back to college..because then you were “my” cat again :) I’m glad you were our kitty. I’m sorry for threatening to take you back to the animal shelter..I promise to never utter those words to another animal ever. I’m glad mom made us stick it out with you! She knew deep down you wanted to love us back. I’m glad we loved all of those bad memories out and filled you with good ones.

I’m glad I was home this weekend :) I think you knew it was coming. You’d been so clingy these past weeks and I’m sorry I didn’t pay more attention. I’m glad you laid on my heart and cuddled the other night. I’ll treasure that memory.

I’m sorry you were in pain but I’m glad you went out with a bite. Seems fitting seeing as you bit me the first time we met.

I love you forever!


One Sad Lemon

~ Kirby passed a blood clot this weekend while climbing his favorite tree. Unfortunately, he fell and shattered his pelvis. The vet wasn’t able to save him and Kirby had to be put to sleep. ~

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