High Five for Friday!

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! I’m excited it’s the first Friday of 2014! That means it’s time for the #HF4F link up with Lauren Elizabeth! Here’s my High Five for Friday!

1 • Coffee Dates :)

I have loved meeting up with my friends new and old this winter over a cup of coffee. I’m a huge Starbucks fan and simply go because I love their staff. Several of the students from the university where I work are baristas there and I enjoy catching up with them while they fix my coffee. Over break I had a great time catching up with one of my former classmates, RJ. He’s currently in med school and its a rare treat to get to see him in person. We talked and talked until both our coffees were depleted and the temperature was so cold we were both shivering.

2 • Organizing my life

Do you ever wake up and realize your organized life is not so organized? Over Christmas I’ve been preparing to move into my first house. I’ve been reorganizing, going through stuff, giving away stuff and re-purposing things. As a graphic designer, my desktop occasionally turns into a junktop. I found a great pin on pinterest the other day and decided to make it my own.

3 • Awesome Uncle

I love projects :) RJ gives me the hardest time about my projects but they’re too much fun. While working a yard sale a few months ago for my aunt, I saw an amazing little chair frame that in my mind had huge potential. (To understand this you must know I have a chair obsession..I can’t leave them beside the road I have to stop and pick them up…If they’re cheap I buy them..I currently have 7 chairs to my name hanging out in my parents house..) I knew I didn’t have time to strip it, refinish it and that my mom would probably shoot me for bringing home another chair. On Christmas Eve, I got the best present ever. My uncle had gone back and gotten the chair. He took it home, sanded it down by hand, carved extra pieces for it and completly refinished the whole thing! I was in shock :) He even put polka dotted fabric on it! (& brought me enough to make pillows to match!) Sometimes the best Christmas presents aren’t the ones you get from a store :)

4 • Crafty Time

I love to craft..I feel as if I don’t ever have enough time to do all of the projects that I want to do! Over break I challenged myself to get my brain thinking. I tried new things..painting with my sister, cutting wine bottles, re-doing old ornaments and sewing new ornaments for my tree.

5 • New Friends

I am always excited to make new friends! It’s officially been a little over a year since I started blogging! I can’t believe how many amazing people I’ve connected with :) This map shows a little bit of where my lovelies as I love to call you all are from :)


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One thought on “High Five for Friday!

  1. Oh my gosh I did the same thing with my desktop with the same design, but mine is red and light blue. It is SO much better having my desktop organized and labeled. I just need to find or make a desktop background in black and pink since those are the colors Damsel in Defense uses.

    Also, I want to see the finished chair and pillows. I absolutely love finds like that. For a while I was working on an old window with 6 panels until it broke. I was sanding it down and left it outside to cook dinner and we ended up with severe winds (I was in tornado alley) and it was picked up and dropped. The glass shattered, the wood between the panels snapped into pieces, and there was just no way to save it. I was going to turn it into a sort of photo frame/message board combination for the kitchen.


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