4 Barking Buds


4 days till Christmas! So I’ve officially been house sitting for the last 4 weeks and I’ve a week left to go. It’s been insane dog sitting as well! It’s fabulous :) So much me time! I’ve had a schnauzer/terrier for a week, a German short haired pointer for 2 weeks and I’ll have a dachshund for half a week..in addition to my own 2 crazy mutts :)

Do you ever have extreme moments of clarity? I’ve realized 4 things these past few weeks :)

I don’t take care of myself like I should. I’m always so busy working my tush off for everybody that I forget to take care of it. Yesterday, I got off work at 12 and spent the rest of the day blissfully doing whatever I wanted to. I took my client, one 8 month old German short haired pointer, on a run. She was exhausted by the time we got home. After putting her up, I ran some errands, bought some new music to listen to and contemplated cutting my hair all off. It’s a bit long at the moment..comes halfway down my back and I debated bobbing it..but realized that I might be a bit hasty in that decision.

I realized that I am perfectly okay with being single. I rather enjoy that I get to take off and go places.

I realized that chocolate and wine don’t solve my problems…they just make my waistline larger.

I realized that I am 25 years and it’s time to have my own place free from roommates that stress me out. So I met with my realtor yesterday and I’m officially under contract with her for the next 4 months :)

Whew…it’s been a lot of self evaluation the last three weeks :)

So my lovely followers! Are you ready for the holidays? Have all the presents wrapped? Cleaned the chimney for the big guy? Run any cool races?


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One thought on “4 Barking Buds

  1. 1) don’t cut your hair. Don’t. I did right after college and again when I found out I was pregnant the first time. Both hasty decisions I regret.

    2) Cut out the chocolate and go for the wine ;)

    3) yay for house hunting. When I was single and had no roommates, I learned a lot and loved the freedom. It’s so empowering.

    Merry Christmas fellow runner :)


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