Christmas Spectacular: The Truth About Santa



Well I’m a day behind with my Christmas Spectacular post but better late than never! (if you are tiny and love Santa banana..SKIP THIS POST!)

I’ll never forget the year I figured it out. I only wanted one item from Santa. Just one! I’d written and re-written my letter in my best-est of handwriting. I’d folded the pretty letter and the picture I’d drawn him. Placing them in the stapler mother had refused to let me use myself (I had a few minor disobedient moments as a child), I attempted to staple them together and..stapled my thumb instead. My beautiful letters had tear stains and blood on them and my poor little 5 year old heart was devastated. My mother, being the awesome mother that she is, merely scooped me up bloody thumb and all and proceeded to fix the whole thing.

My letter finally got mailed off, I saw Santa at the mall (he smelled funny!) and I eagerly awaited for Christmas morning. But on Christmas morning instead of my stuffed hush puppy there was a letter sitting on my spot. It said: Dear Katherine, I am so sorry that I did not bring your Hush Puppy. The elves were very busy trying to get all the puppies finished but they didn’t have one done in time. Perhaps you might get one for your birthday! Love, Santa

That year was the year I figured it out…The kicker…the letter was in my mom’s handwriting! BUSTED! I quickly informed my mother that they were in stock at Target as we had just looked at one the week before and asked why Santa couldn’t have sent her to get one. I proceeded to ask why the letter was in her handwriting and not his. She didn’t quite know what to say. (In her defense, I was a brilliant 5yr old…the perks of having smart parents!)

So that was the year that I figured out that Santa Claus was really my mom. The next year they would proceed to tell us that the Easter Bunny, Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist either after she and my dad heard a sermon about lying to your kids. (But I must say after watching Miracle on 34th Street every year for 25 years…I Believe!)

The funniest year in our family with Santa Claus was the year my brother told my cousin he didn’t exist. Here they are two little 4 year olds screaming like banshee’s and fist fighting in the yard. So completely out of character for either of them that we all stood there in shock for five minutes before my dad and uncle broke them up. When my dad asked my brother what happened he said: “Well..I told him Santa isn’t real because you said he isn’t real and you don’t lie.” My cousin piped up, with tears streaming down his face, and said: “Santa is REAL! Because my daddy says so and he doesn’t lie!” (Mind you both of our father’s are ministers..oh the drama..) So my aunt and uncle swallowed, exchanged a look and that was the year my cousins found out that poor Santa was just a myth….

How old were you when you found out? Did you already know or have an idea?


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