Christmas Spectacular: My Earliest Memory of Christmas

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My earliest memory of Christmas…

As a little girl I would lay awake for hours Christmas Eve trying to hear the reindeer land on my roof. The earliest Christmas I can remember involved my first airplane ride. It was scary! I remember holding on to my teddy bear and telling him not to be scared that we were going to see my Grammy. It was mind-boggling at 4 years old to go from my house in Oregon to Grammy’s on this airplane..I couldn’t figure out how that worked.

I remember getting off the plane and holding my mom’s hand so tight. We walked across the tarmac..which seemed HUGE! and down a really really dark tunnel until we got to a door. Mom said Grammy would be on the other side. I remember trying hard to remember what she looked like. But there was one thing I knew for sure! Pop-Pop’s voice! I remember hearing him start yelling and the next thing I knew he was twirling me around and around :) The giggles started coming then.

That Christmas would become one of my favorites :) We took a photo of all of the grandchildren on the front steps giggling..mind you we’ve since gained a few..but that photo I treasure. It would become an annual “thing” and we have now sadly gotten to big to all fit on the steps. My favorite part though was when Pop-Pop read the Christmas story out of the old family Bible. I used to touch it in awe as Grammy always kept it out of reach and behind the glass in her tv cabinet.

We also got the most epic Christmas presents that year. Minnie Mouse rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas! We all dressed up in our rain gear and played outside like it was pouring rain :) My dad eventually pulled out the water house and let us try our umbrellas out. (He’s such a genius!)

I remember waking up early on Christmas morning and riding around with my Pop-Pop to see what all the other grandkids got for Christmas. It would  become our annual tradition.

What’s your earliest memory of Christmas? Please share!



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