Boots, Breakdowns and Boys

This past weekend has been crazy for me! Yes I know it’s Tuesday and I’m writing about my weekend, but there is just too much going on right now :)

Thursday Night ~ Got to hear my favorite local bands play at Habitat for Humanities annual Raise the Roof event. Edwin McCain headlined for the event and I had the best night out on the town all by myself. It was a social experiment for me. I wanted to see if I could go to an event where I knew no-one and leave with a new friend. I did :)

Friday Night ~ I ran home long enough to throw on boots, have an emotional breakdown, change into some jeans and then I was off to meet my mom. We headed into town to hear the Claire Lynch Band. How Claire convinced 3 of the nations most talented fellas to play with her I’ll never know! But they are some crazy talented dudes! It was a fun night of pickin’ & grinin’ & singin’ along.

Sat ~ I headed down to Myrtle Beach to shoot some portfolio shots for one of my brother’s friends. Lost one of my reindeer antlers on the way, broke my Otter-box..but it’s all good. He recently got a modeling contract with a company out of Charleston and needed to beef up his portfolio a little bit.  It was a long shoot! It’s been a while since I’ve done a shoot that long but I’m pleased with the shots. A huge thanks to Monarch 544 for letting us use their wonderful facility!

Here’s a little taste of the shoot :)

Got to see my crazy brother for all of 5 seconds :) He was busy getting ready to head to formal with his girl :) It was a masquerade so of course his big sis had to run him a mask, dress shoes and a dress coat. He has yet to master the “being prepared” thing..I also hauled an entire deer down there in my backseat..Add venison delivery specialist my resume please..

Sunday ~ I was late for church, had to sit on the back row and then got a splinter in my finger! Grrr.. But I had the most amazing time in Sunday School teaching Cayden :) We read books, played and raced cars. The SS director was amazed that I was laying on the floor beside Cayden playing cars. Guess they aren’t used to SS teachers doing that. He is an amazing little boy with a heart of gold and I treasure the Sunday’s I get to spend teaching him about God and the love He has for him. After church, I went shopping :) Have no fear..I used my allotted “clothing” money from my budget :)

Cody n MeMonday ~ I got to watch one of my best guy friends receive the Leadership FMU Legacy Award. I’ll never forget the day I met’s hard to miss the six-foot tall smiling guy :) Somehow one day I realized he had whittled his way into my life and we’ve been friends ever since. It’s been 4 years of last-minute projects, late night speech writing and endless events but as I stood there last night I realized I’m really going to miss this guy when he leaves. (He graduates in December.) I got a bit teary eyed :) But seeing the FMU community rally around him last night to show him their love and support made me realize I have one of the best alma maters in the country. I have no doubt in my mind that Cody is going to do big things :) He has done more work in the last 4 years than anyone else I know. He has no concept of a full plate. He piles his plate so high that I seriously don’t know how he manages everything (guess that’s why he has me! lol).

Yesterday was so huge! Two of my best friends got amazing new jobs! One will be headed to a technical college down the road to work as their admissions specialist and the other will be headed to the local paper to do what she loves best! I am so proud of these girls! They deserve the best this world has to offer :)

So here’s to an insane start to my week!

Xo Xo!

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