High Five for Friday :)

Wow this week has just flown by! So busy I feel like I’m running a marathon..I don’t think I’ve been still for 5 seconds this week :) So here’s my High Five for Friday!

1 // Winter means COLD weather! Of which I am a huge fan. My sister’s cat has been quite cuddly lately. He’s typically not a fan of being hugged on. Guess he’s missing her since she’s away at college.

2// Boots with the fur..leggings..and an old hoody should be mandatory wardrobe from Oct to December in my book ;) I’ve relished snuggling with my cup of tea and book..can’t wait for this grad class to be over so I have some free time to finish my book!

3// The Hank Edwards Band opened opened for Edwin McCain :) They are one of my favorite local bands! Made up of Hank Edwards, Kayley Green and Dustin James, the band has a unique sound. Dustin James debuted on the mic last night for the first time..and can I just say he should sing more often :) Miss Kayley is doing big things y’all! She’s currently studying in Nashville and my her voice was amazing as usual! It’s always a blast to see DJ. He’s one of my favorite fellas :)

4// EDWIN MCCAIN! I must say I had a fabulous time in Florence last night at Habitat for Humanity’s annual Raise the Roof event. It’s always a great night for a great cause and they did not dissapoint this year. I’ve never been outside of the FMU PAC for an event but I was amazed at the atmosphere. While it may have been freeeeezing..literally..it was 34*ish..The atmosphere was so intimate..It was like being at a coffee-house but outside. Edwin has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed hearing about his kids, what influences his music and the banter of Clemson/Carolina jokes. He has been a favorite of mine ever since I was in high school. There was something magical about hearing I’ll Be in person…

5// I broke a 10mt mile yesterday! I ran 2 miles yesterday at a 9:11 pace. Now I know that sounds slow but considering I’m coming back from an injury it’s a whole lot better than that stupid 12mt mile I’ve been enduring.

I’m in love with my life this week :) Talking to a fabulous boy who I’ve been friends with for a bit..and it’s fun and exciting..let’s see where it leads :)

So what’s your High Five Friday?


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One thought on “High Five for Friday :)

  1. Hi Kat!

    Aww your sister’s cat is so cute. And I totally agree with you about boots, hoodies and leggings as mandatory – although for me that would be April onwards. As soon as fall starts, the hoodies come out! =)

    Oh my gosh, Edwin McCain! Aww I remember listening to “I’ll Be” again and again when I was in high school. And singing along to it with this boy I was majorly crushing on. Heehee.

    Congratulations on your running win by the way! Let us know what happens with the boy. ;)


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