Thankful Thursday!

It’s Thursday again :) I am thankful for two crazy siblings this week :)

My Brother Signed His Contract!

This week marked a huge milestone in our lives. After 3 years of training, working out, injuries and Cross-fit craziness my little brother signed his Navy contract. It’s been his dream to be in the Navy since he first saw my grandfather’s navy uniform as a small child. It’s been a hard journey. Our family has a proud history of generations of Navy service on my dad’s side. So I can honestly say the Navy runs deep in our veins. But disappointment after disappointment seemed to occur. He had been so persistent and pushed himself until I didn’t think he could push any further but he did.

He first went to a recruiting office as a senior in high school in KY. The recruiter took one look at my chunky football playing brother and told him he’d never be Navy. My brother looked at the recruiter and told him he’d die trying. 3 years later..all the high school football weight gone..he’s a lean mean machine who had the fastest PT times in his group :) (Note: KY Recruiter..kiss those grits!)

I am so proud and thankful for this guy! He’s the humor in the most trying situation, the class clown, my best buddy and the best brother these two girls could ever have had :) I’m thankful he is finally going to live his dream.

In about 4 weeks we’ll see another chapter in his life come to a close :) He’ll graduate from college and I can honestly say that is an accomplishment for him! He’s a bit of a free spirit and doesn’t really dig academia even though he’s smart as a whip.

Thankful for an amazing brother :)

My Sister Delivered Twins :)

My sister is a junior nursing major and doing a clinical rotation in maternity this semester :) She had an amazing opportunity to assist with a delivery of twins in her rotation. She was hilarious as she told me about baby A and baby B on the phone. I’m thankful for a sister that doesn’t get grossed out by blood and guts..(cause I sure do!). I’m thankful that she pushes her self to be the best in her nursing class. Rock on baby sis :)


A Very Thankful Big Sister

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