Lemon…where are you?

Right here :) I know I’ve been a bit MIA over the last week or so. I wanted to slow down and fill you in on my crazy life :)

I’m writing a book…well two actually..and I’ve been having a writing break through which means any second I get I’m scribbling things down on napkins, toilet paper and in my journal. I’m in love with this little book :) It’s a girl’s guide to the great outdoors because seriously why should the boys have all the fun? Written in an upbeat fun tone, I’m having the time of my life telling my crazy mishaps in the outdoors and turning them into a learning experience for middle school girls.

My second crazy awesome project? I’m writing a cookbook. I’ve cherished and loved my family “secret” recipes from the time I was little. But I realized this year that the majority of them aren’t written down. They’re things I’ve learned standing beside my gram in the kitchen and helping AJ out in hers. Sadly, AJ passed away suddenly this past spring and with her a wealth of my family oral history and her recipes. I was fortunate enough to get her cherished cookbooks :) There are notes and handwritten index cards falling out of them.

The first of the 7 grandchildren will be getting married in the spring. I wanted to make something special for all of us this Christmas :) So I thought what better than a family cookbook we can all share :)

Great Idea! But trying to get that to the printer before turkey day is going to be the death of me!

I’m also in the middle of laying out our fall magazine at work so I’m literally working on some sort of book/layout 24/7..

Do you have a favorite family recipe? I’d love to know!


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  1. Hi Kat! Jusy wanted you to know I got your email about wanting to sponsor the Christmas Spectacular. I’m having some issues with our internet at home so will send you info soon as possible. Just trying to get this message to you on my phone is getting me cross eyed!

    Good luck with your recipe book, it sounds like a wonderful idea! The girls guide to outdoors sounds pretty cool too.


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