Thankful Thursday!

It’s time for the happiest day of the week in my opinion! Thankful Thursday link ups with Crystal Michelle and Jenna Rae make my Thursdays :)


There is seldom a time when I get to give my best guy friend a hard time about his football teams but this past weekend was one of them. Finally…UT beat mind you it was only by 2 points but hey a win is a win right?

2 ~ Pain Free Running!

For the first time since August 17th I have had a week of pain-free running. I am so excited. It’s been hard to go easy this past month and a half. I’ve been depressed, emotionally eating..and I got sooooo frustrated because I noticed I fell right back into those old habits I worked so hard to sleep repeat. I made myself go to the gym. I was embarrassed because I had been at a certain level and I’m now basically back at the beginning. But you know what I found out? They missed me. My little crew of older ladies immediately asked me what had happened to me. They had been so worried because no one had seen me and I hadn’t been at my regular times. It was precious! SO..I’m ready to kick butt at the gym next week.

3 ~ Halloween is coming!

I LOVE PINTEREST! I’m slightly obsessed with it. I saw these little mummy dogs on there the other night and decided that they would make a hilarious Sunday lunch. So for lunch on Sunday we had mummy dogs!

4 ~ A New Ride :)

I finally decided to trade my truck in. I just wasn’t happy with it and the color (hot fire engine red) was killing me. So I’m happy to say that this girlie has a new ride complete with a sunroof! I didn’t know they made a sunroof in a truck! So I’m now rocking around town in my burnt orange truck :)

5~ Babies Babies Babies…they’re everywhere..

So you might remember that my bestie just delivered the cutest baby boy! Well the other is set to deliver in December..I’m going to be overrun with Aunt duties and dirty diapers come the new year :) It’s been awesome to walk alongside these girls as they’ve experienced the “firsts” of pregnancy and being mothers. I’m so proud of them :) Nikki’s journey has been challenging as her hubby (he’s Army) is currently stationed away from her. So it’s been a lot of dates for Mexican food (Baby Xander apparently likes all things spicy!) and shopping for the Army girl and I.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


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