High Five for Friday!

This week has been crazy, stressful and amazing :) I was glad to see Friday roll around again! Here’s your High Five for Friday this week :)

1 – Tuesday night at soccer, one of my kids was covered in stickers. He’s the most precious blonde headed boy ever and every time he ran by Coach Kat he put a sticker on me. Needless to say my fridge now has a lot of Spongebob Halloween stickers on it :)

2 – I’m normal! You may have seen my post last night about my MRI results :) They came back completely normal. I’m super relieved. I’m officially back in the game!

3 – I can start running again! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Day! And I’ve got some new Skora running shoes to do it in :)

4 – Tuesday morning was pretty rough for me. I came back from lunch to a surprise :) A beautiful bromeliad and a handwritten card from my dad. My dad’s been writing me cards and letters ever since I was little. I keep them all in a box in my room because I know there’s going to come a day when he won’t be around to write them to me. They are little treasures. His note was so sweet and uplifting. To top it all off, he left me a five-spot for some Starbucks :)

5 – Sunsets :) I’m often up before the sunrise and so often I fail to watch it set. But I took sometime the other night and sat outside on my porch. I watched the blue fade out, the purples rush in and the pinks dance away the day. The quiet and peacefulness was amazing. The colors inspiring. My camera fails to capture its illusive beauty.

So my lovelies! How has your week been? Any big plans for the weekend?


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