Thankful Thursday!

It’s time for the happiest day of the week in my opinion! Thankful Thursday link ups with Crystal Michelle and Jenna Rae make my Thursdays :)

1 ~ Thankful for Doctors!

One of the blessing of being single is that I have opportunities that some married couples don’t always get. I’m able to pour into their children as I have none of my own. I’m able to coach, teach swim lessons and just love on these kids like crazy. I’ve been blessed so much that I love to bless others in return. God brought a very special girl into my life five years ago when my mom started teaching at a new school. The daughter of one of the other teacher’s, Raylee, and I quickly became coloring buddies. It wasn’t long before I taught Rae-Rae and her brother Ce-Ce how to swim. This year Raylee has been having seizures at an alarming rate. Something we’ve seen an increase in at my mom’s school. Unable to identify what is causing the seizures, our doctors here are sending her to Tennessee this week to a special clinic (where one of my mom’s other students has already been seen at this year.) So! I was thinking the other day about what could i do? I can’t go with her to Tennessee..but then God showed me something. Raylee’s out grown most of her clothes due to the medications. So Auntie K headed to TJ Maxx to get her Maxxinista on. I got Rae-Rae some warm pants, shirts and a sweater for her upcoming trip to the hospital :) Pink of course! So today I’m thankful for doctors who I’m believing are going to determine what is causing this precious girl to have so many seizures each day.

2~ Thankful for Budgets!

I have been so overwhelmed lately and wasn’t really able to identify why until I sat down one night and went over my finances. God has blessed me with an amazing career and my company takes excellent care of us. But I realized I was failing to be a good steward of what He was blessing me with. So after 3 hours of number crunching with my mom, I finally came up with a working budget that I can maintain. I’m on week two and already I have this huge sense of accomplishment and peace. I’ve been reading through Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover, and it has been challenging! Another amazing blessing happened this week! I paid off my first student loan!!!!! Whew!! Mind you I have a few more to go but the feeling I got when it said: “Paid in Full” was amazing!! So today I’m thankful for my mom, for her patience, for a new budget and for financial security.

3~ Thankful for an Awesome Dad!

Tuesday I had a rough day. I was frustrated, ill and ready to punch somebody. I came back to my office after lunch to find a beautiful bromeliad sitting on my desk :) Now I’m not your typical girl..I could care less about red roses, strawberries and champagne. I love daisies (future hubby take notes), orchids and bromeliads. It made my whole week actually :) He even left me a handwritten card and a five-spot for Starbucks!

So what are you thankful for this Thursday?


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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. Girl I am ( was) a daddys girl.. they just know things ya know.. its so special soak it up as much as you possibly can. Take those moments and remember them! For they are a blessing that we are not all promised for tomorrow. Thank you for linking up!


  2. As a single mom, I have always been so grateful to people like you! Children need and deserve more love than any one person can give them, and having wonderful community “aunties” has made my son into the young man that he is.


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