Terrors of a Terrific Tuesday

So today was supposed to be a TEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRIFIC Tuesday..and so far it’s been a lemon. I seem to be on a roll this week for things turning into lemons.

Sunday I went to leave my church to go to church with my grandma (because it was homecoming and they have amazing food!) only to notice a HUGE puddle of green liquid under my truck. Now for those of you who might not be familiar with the oozing of your vehicle, green liquid is bad! It signifies that there is something hinky with your radiator. Now mind you, Calamity Jane had just been to the shop last Thursday because she blew a radiator hose on the way home. The boys fixed it and then Sunday she blows the radiator hose off again. You have to love my crazy life sometimes..

Hence this morning, I arrive in my borrowed vehicle to have an MRI done on my ankle and foot. To preface this, the orthopedic office failed to send in the order until I called and politely reminded them. So I’ve spent two weeks trying to get in to have this MRI done because I want to be able to run my last few races this year. My doc said no running, Zumba, kickboxing or anything fun until the MRI results came back..so I’ve been out of commission for 4 weeks now.

I walk into the MRI place, give the lady my name and she goes: “Oh darlin’ you’re not on the schedule for today.”

Acca-Excuse me? I politely pull out my appointment card and show her that I do indeed have an appointment. At which point Blondie walks up and says: “No, you don’t. I called you last night at 6:04pm and left a message saying that you needed to call us back.” To which I politely replied, I understand, however your hours posted on the website said that you close at 6pm and I assumed you had already left the office as I didn’t receive the message on my phone until 6:38pm.

Long story shortened to..I took time off work this morning for an appointment I did but didn’t have. Can we say suuuuuper frustrating? Now I shall be getting up at the crack of dawn on Thursday to be there at 6:30am to get this MRI done :)

Then I get to work only to find that my ex had parked in my parking space….the icing on my Terrific Tuesday cake.

BUUUUUUUUUUUT! At 1:00pm today my first student loan will be officially paid off..that alone makes it a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!


One Lemon determined to have a Terrific Tuesday!


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