Well Darling :) It’s been a year!

I can’t believe it :) It’s been a year since I ran my first 5K! What a crazy awesome year of running it’s been :) I’ve run some cool races, seen lots of new faces and enjoyed every (well almost every) minute of it.

I couldn’t have done it without my brother cheering me on. He is such a huge inspiration to me. He took control of his fitness and went from being a bulky football player to a svelt Navy boy :)

Many thanks to my own personal nurse :) who is my sister! Thanks for telling me I was toxic.

To Fancy Nancy, did you ever think 3 years ago we’d be this crazy and strong? Here’s to the rest of 2013 and beyond! May we run many more miles together.

To my Twitter fam :) You guys will never know how much your support and endless encouragement means to this girl! You truly are my #FitFam :)


xoXo! One Lemon on the Mend

PS: Get ready Darlington Marathon & 5K! Here we come :)

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