Dear Car Salesmen…

Dear Car Salesmen,

I never thought that I would discover something worse than going to the dentist. Well I have. It’s car shopping and dealing with you. I thought that buying a new to me car would be a fun experience and it was a miserable one.

(To give you guys the brief version of my weekend last weekend: On the way home from moving in Freshman (points for being an awesome Alumni) -> lady pulls out in front of me -> my truck hits her explorer and knocks it over – > I spend Sat afternoon in the ER getting checked out -> my truck is totaled.  So hence this weekend I have spent the day tooling around with my mom and dad looking at used cars that fall within my budget. The experience was one I’d not wish upon anyone.)

Dear Salesman at Dealership A: We arrived. I spotted 3 vehicles I wanted to look more closely at. I got out, appeared very interested in one. You never moved out of your chair at your desk, never came outside to say hello, and never once looked helpful. The mechanic working outside failed to greet me. The other salesman outside made no effort to come assist me. So therefore I left. Hope you made your commission already today.


Dear Salesman at Dealership B: We arrived, you were too busy chatting up the blonde to do your job. I understand it was close to closing but you sir were still on the clock. You had 2 trucks on the lot both $3,400 dollars over priced. I suggest you do a little more market research and stop swindling people.  4 other guys chilling inside and no one came out. No one spoke. I didn’t see what I wanted so I left.


Dear Salesman at Dealership C: All luxury cars, but I spotted 2 trucks that fell within budget and would have loved to have looked at one of them. I stood there for 4 minutes, you looked at me and sat there in your chair. If I have to walk all the way to the door to ask to see a vehicle you’re trying to sell. I doubt you are worth my time. You had ample time to walk outside and nothing. So I said I’ll look it up on my phone or computer when I get home and off I went.


Dear Salesman at Dealership D: Your lot held the jackpot for me. A Nissan Frontier and Ford 150XL both well within in my price range and newer than what I was looking for. The dealership was closed but the lot was open for perusing. I was impressed with the selection and the shape of all of your vehicles. I will be going back next week to look :)


Dear Salesman at Dealership E: I wasn’t impressed with anything on the lot. The cars were dirty, stuff was patched up instead of being properly repaired. So I said these are well treated, I doubt I will be either and left. People are more likely to purchase a vehicle that is clean and sharp looking.


Dear Salesman at Dealership F: I spotted a Chevy Silverado I wanted to look at. Got out and two seconds later I was being greeted by a clean, well dressed young man inquiring how he could assist us. You were genuine, honest and forth coming about the truck I was looking at. You didn’t try to push a sale on me. You spoke courteously and did not speak down to me. (Major props to his boss on that one!) {Side note fellas: Just because I am female doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about trucks. I can probably change my oil and headlights faster than you.} I was very thankful for your help. The truck was not in good shape and had not been taken care of on the exterior. The interior was immaculate but the exterior’s peeling paint, dents and horrible detail work was a no go for me. The motor was not in great shape either. When you go to crank it and it won’t turn over not a good sign to a potential buyer. Thank you for walking outside!


Dealership G: By this time I was pretty tired of looking at trucks, but we stopped at one more just to round the day out. It had started to pour so I wasn’t expecting any help at all. Before I had gotten completely out of the vehicle to look at the Toyota Tacoma there you were holding an umbrella for me asking how you could help me today. You win the gold star for service. You directed my attention to several vehicles you had available. You only showed me what was in my budget and were by far one of the nicest sales guys I have worked with. Unfortunately nothing on the lot worked for me. Thank you for walking out and showing me anyway. I am very likely to do business with you in the future.


So Car Salesmen…take some notes and step your game up.


XoXo ~ One Car-less Lemon




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