How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Dearest Freshman,

It’s here..move in day is looming on the horizon. You’re packed, you’re ready for all nighters, new friends and horrible professors. You’ve heard the rumor about the “Freshman 15”? Well let me be the upper classman that gives you the skinny…IT’S REAL!

How does one gain the dreaded f15? Well for starters…

All those 2am trips to Waffle House because you’re starving..they’re worth about 1,200 calories..add syrup, coffee, milk shakes and chocolate chips in and you’re sitting pretty in the 3,000 calorie range.

Cafeteria food. Remember how mom always said to eat your veggies? DO IT! Those cheeseburgers are awesome, OMW everynight if you want! Let’s not forget the endless dessert bar and ice cream. Did I mention endless dessert bar? Oh and the pizza..good gosh don’t leave out the pizza. Starting to see a pattern here?

Vending Machines..they are traps laid by crafty people to catch you in between class with no time for “real” food. AVOID THESE! There is absolutely nothing healthy in them save maybe a granola bar.

I’ll workout tomorrow..which becomes tomorrow which ends up being OH MY Lanta…I’m 8lbs heavier and it’s Christmas holiday.. (Insert sugar cookies, dressing, chocolate, parties and more here)

STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARBUCKS Study sessions…are amazing :) But watch your grande, venti, tall anything..that extra whip and caramel adds up my pretties.

Late night hangouts, movies, and endless snacking. If you have no self control when it comes to a bag of Lay’s BBQ potato chips don’t keep them in your dorm room. I’ll only eat a little ends up with crumbs laying on the inside of the bag and you wondering if you can lick them out without anyone seeing. When the clock hits 8pm, cut yourself off. No chips, No Dew, No Pepper, No Icecream..grab a bottle of water and study then hit the hay.

To the boys: GET OFF YOUR DUFFS AND DROP THE CONTROLLERS! You want to know how my former bf gained 30lbs? Call of Fattening Duty. 5 hours of continuous play + Mountain Dew + Munchos = my fit boyfriend became my fat boyfriend. (Like ewwww).

So be the smartest freshman :) Take some wisdom from a former freshman who gained the f15 which became the sophomore 20 which unfortunately led to the junior 40. (I spent my senior year losing it all before graduation.) Make wise decisions! Hold yourself and your friends accountable :) Workout together. Make your study buddies your workout buddies. We started studying while we were working out. You can review notecards and walk at the same time. It’s pretty cool. BTW…It’s easier to say no to unhealthy food when you have backup.

XoXo ~ the college grad

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