13 Things I’ve loved about 2013

I feel that odd number years always seem to be “bad” years for me..but this year has been pretty awesome so far. I thought I’d take a minute to jot down 13 things I’ve loved in the past 8 months :)

I have loved….

Running my 1st 5K in freezing cold weather!

Going on the best first date with an awesome guy who made me realize that there is nothing wrong with me being me :)

My new  job. Most people whine and complain about their jobs..I happen to love mine! (and I don’t see that changing anytime soon)

Watching my baby cousin experience country living for the first time. She came to visit at a horrible time. My uncle had just died and my aunt would pass away two weeks later, but Camden and I had the best time petting baby donkeys and riding down a dirt road. (She didn’t know they made them that way!)

Running faster! I’m almost to a sub-8 mile!!! Not bad for a kid who couldn’t run a 15 minute mile in November of last year.

Going on best friend vacation :) I’ve sorely missed my Connecticut bestie! Her boyfriend has been off at boot camp and this summer we’ve had the chance to hangout and spend some time together. I was her plus 1 for family vacation this year and it was amazing! She ran her first 5K with me :) Her mom beat both of us so our goal for next year is to whip her butt.

Making some great new friends this year! I have hated losing some of my old friends but sometimes life happens and those chapters have to end. I’m excited to get to know my new ones and see where we go from here.

Saving enough money to put a down payment on my first house and I’m pretty crazy excited about it.

Crocheting with my great-great aunt :) I never fail to smile when she comes to visit. At 94, Tante is as sharp now as she ever was. I hope that I can be that amazing when I’m 94.

Helping my sister move into her first place. It’s a cute 2 bedroom apartment that we went a little crazy decorating.

Gaining a new church family. I transitioned to a new church this year. It was time to find a place that felt like home. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I actually wake up on Sundays and want to go to church. (Hard for a preacher’s kid who was always forced to be there whenever the doors were open.) They have enveloped me and I have loved every minute of it. Never has sitting in the back been so much fun :) I guess I’m officially one of those so-called “Back row Baptists”.

Me :) I’m not anxious, I’m not unhappy, I’m not sad, I’m not binging, I’m not purging, I’m not emotionally distressed, I’m not hateful, I’m not bitter. I have spent the last 6 months working on me. I’ve worked on my emotional health with an amazing counselor who helped me process through some really tough things. I hope someday to be able to share my story with you in the hopes that other girls will never have to endure what I went through. I’ve worked on my physical body. I’m no longer insecure, I’m not fat, I’m not skinny..I’m just healthy! That’s huge for me. I’ve become an athlete who doesn’t battle with an eating disorder anymore. I worked on my spiritual health. There was a lot of bitterness eating away at me. Old wounds that seeped, battle scars that leaked poison and animosity towards people who hurt not only me but my family all while claiming they were “Christian”.

Learning that guys aren’t all evil <3 I didn’t think it was possible after having my heart ripped out and broken to meet a guy that was good. But ladies…not all men are created equal. So don’t judge all guys just because one did you wrong. You’re doing them an injustice. Thanks to C & S for teaching me that there are some good guys left on the planet.

But the amazing thing? There’s a lot left to happen in 2013! Baby H will be arriving in less than 7 weeks and Auntie K can’t be more excited to meet him :) Baby Xander will be arriving just in time to open his first Christmas presents. We’re hoping his daddy makes it home on the plane before he appears! (Gotta love Army life!) The first grandchild (there’s 6 more of us to go!) is getting married and we’re wedding planning. So 2013 thanks for not being one of “those” years :)



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