Island Knits :) Vacay Part 2

Vacation Part 2! I love the beach, from walking on the marsh walk to catching waves nothing beats it. A few years ago (okay really like 2009), I found a little shop tucked away in Pawley’s Island. I’ve been crocheting since I was old enough to sit on my Nanny’s knee and learn. I picked back up with it in high school when my best friend got into it. I love yarn! I’m a slight yarn hoarder of all colors, blends and weights.

I dragged my mom along with me this time to see Ms. Penny and the crew. I was in search of a yarn I bought a few years ago to use as the boarder on my afghan. I could spend hours talking to Ms. Penny! She offers lessons for $5 an hour. They are so fun! She has this big table and we all sit around and chat and just have the best time!

I was looking for a white baby yarn. I inevitably got 3/4 of the way through a baby blanket and ran out.. I’m horrible about judging how much I need. But they saved the day again and I got a lecture about buying appropriate amounts :)

I spent my vacation relaxing by the pool and crocheting. I know I’m not a grandma yet but it’s so relaxing. Baby H is going to be warm and snugly this winter! It was such a fun pattern to use. I chose the Blackberry Stripe Pattern and modified it. His blanket it all bubbly on one side :) Finished it the night before his momma’s baby shower.

What about you? What’s your favorite way to unwind on vacation?


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