Dear Sunday

Dear Sunday,

Hello again old friend. I have a favor to ask of you today. Can you keep the blues away?

You see..

I’ve a shower to go to,

Giggles to make,

A story to hear,

A piece of cake to take.

But I’m a ball of fear,

As another baby shower looms near…

The doom and the gloom, they’re starting to bloom.

Once they blossom, it’s hard to find anything awesome.

So I ask you please, to save a damsel in need.

Can you make the day sunny and bright?

Chase gloom and doom into the night!

I need to be strong for there’s a baby boy coming along.

His mommy needs my moral support,

He will be the first! A little baby to break this single girl’s monotonous world.

But her fears come dashing in, threatening to rule her heart again.

It’s hard to be happy when I want to be sad. I want to be mad and mad and mad.

It seems unfair and cruel, that everyone is finding love in this chapter of life.

So dearest Sunday, will you do me that favor from this moment forth?

Chase gloom and doom, I shall be glad not mad :)



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