Boots & Bikinis

Howdy! It’s been a glorious week of family vacation. This country girl traded in her boots for a swimsuit and drove her little butt down to the beach :) My cousins from VA were down as well and it is always a blast to see my favorite 3 yr old! I never get tired of hugs and kisses and the endless Why?…Why?…KK! Why!!! His mind is a beautiful thing and at 3 his vocabulary is rapidly increasing. (Note to self: Watch what you say..little people have BIG ears).

I tend to be so wrapped up in social media and my computer for work that often I forget to “unplug” at the end of the day. I dash home and crash in front of the television/computer just do I don’t have to think about anything. Lame I know..but my brain works really hard during the day and it needs more down time.

I’ve spent the last week put-put golfing, shopping, sleeping, swimming and working on my non-existant tan :) But hey! I’ve got a little funky tan going on now!

I came to realize this vacation that I love my family. They may be crazy, loud, louder and annoying but they’re mine :) I got spend time with my brother! That to me is priceless. He hasn’t lived at home in about 4 years and I miss him dearly. I no longer have a best guy friend down the hall. My crazy sister was along too and I’m sad to think I’ll be helping her move out this week as well. My my…where does time fly too?

I have soo much to tell you all about family vacation! Yet, I’m going to break it up because otherwise you’d strain your eyes from the insane amount of scrolling you’d have to do.

This year we voted to stay a little closer to home. We hauled 10 hours last year with a boat & 2 trucks to Douthat State Park in Virginia and it was too much. This year, we headed down to Myrtle Beach where my brother lives, works and surfs.

Up first :) The skinny on getting to Myrtle in the summer. Do not go HWY 76 -> Highway 501…seriously people. Traffic today was at a dead standstill from Gallivant’s Ferry until Myrtle Beach. You do not want to sit in that for 4+ hours. So..when you hit Francis Marion hang a right, go through a 4-way stop and hang a left onto Claussen Road (the 2nd Intersection). Head down towards Georgetown and scoot in the back-way through Garden City. It will take you about 2 hours and you’ll see some of SC’s prettiest farm land that turns into marina land. Head in about 3pm – 8pm. Traffic is lighter as most people roll in at lunch :)

Second, unless you adore half naked people on hogs do not schedule yourself to be there during either Bike Week. Those were images I’ll never forget.

Third, stay someplace fun! We love to stay at Tupelo Bay. It has it’s own put-put golf, daily activities for the kids, a shuttle to the beach, indoor & outdoor pools, golf course and the condo’s are fabulous! You’re about 5mts away from Garden City & Sam’s Corner. Two minutes away from Painter’s Ice Cream which can’t be beat in my opinion. It’s all homemade and soooo yummy. If you’re dairy intolerant, they have several options including an amazing mango ice :)

It was so nice to just chill! I forgot how good that felt :) No work, no phone ringing (I turned it off), no computer..just me and The Cordelia Squad chilling by the pool.

So there’s the first installment of my family vacay! More to come :)

XoXo…a tired Lemon :)


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