To The Best 1st Date Ever

Dear Best 1st Date Ever,

Thank You :) I had given up hope that guys like you existed. I was tired of the endless disappointments, the boring dinners and the lame excuses. I was pleasantly surprised when you called and asked me to dinner. I didn’t know that guys knew how to do that anymore. You talked me all the way home that night as I drove. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It’s always a text here or a text there but you made a point to call and chat everyday after that.

You made the plan. I loved that :) You asked me what night worked for me and worked around my schedule. You made sure I was comfortable by letting me meet you at the restaurant. You dressed up for dinner and I thought my little heart was going to burst from happiness.

You escorted me in as if I was the most precious thing in the world to you and that night I felt like I was. It was the little things like your hand on my back guiding me, asking my opinion on the dinner specials and your undivided attention that spoke volumes to me. Never had I been so comfortable around an alpha male.

We chatted through dinner without missing a beat :) not once did I have to consult my topic list I had secretly stashed in my bag. You never looked at your phone or watch :) You were on brownie point overload by this point. Nothing phased you :) not my annoying ex-friend two tables over, the boy from your team stopping to say hey or the waitress busting a whole tray of dishes at our feet.

You made me realize that a great guy is worth every second of the wait. In the two years I dated my ex, I never felt like I did that night. You looked at me and that smile lit up my world.

You told me you weren’t ready for the night to end and I knew I wasn’t ready either :) you suggested froyo and I knew you said it because I was crazy about it. Off we went only to get there and discover it was full. But that didn’t stop us :) We sat on the tail gate of my truck in the freezing weather and chatted until we were both shivering. You scooted closer to keep me warm and I loved it :) The moment you kissed me I swear time stood still. It was beyond amazing…

Today you begin an amazing journey. You’re off to start a new job so much closer too home base. I’m so excited for you! You didn’t settle and look where it took you :) I have loved seeing that smile appear more and more over these last few months.

So thank you! You’ll always have the best first date ever in my book :)

XoXo ~ Katherine

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