June Cara Box Reveal!

I love Cara Boxes! If you haven’t participated in a Cara Box exchange you should :) This month I was paired up with two awesome ladies. I sent my Cara Box to Angela at Adorably Deranged. I have loved reading her blog this past month. One of my goals for July is to make her Mexican pizza recipe :) I had so much fun putting her box together! This month’s theme was a fair/carnival and the only thing that came to mind was the movie State Fair (one of my all time favorites!). I had a ton of fun putting a box together for Angela and her little man Drake. I don’t often get to shop for little kiddos and I went a little crazy with it :) I thought that since Drake is a little guy he might like some fair things to do with mom :) I sent sidewalk chalk ice cream cones, water baseballs, rubber duckies for the tub, and a goldfish. With the release of Monster’s University this past weekend, my sister and I knew we had to throw Mike and Sulley in the box somehow. I found an adorable onesie that looked like Mike and it said “I’ve got my Eye on You!” sooooo cute. I up-cycled one of my Erin Condren boxes and added some Meet me in Saint Louis Louis lyrics on the sides. SIDENOTE: The post office in TN wasn’t thrilled with my crazy box so I ended up having to bring it back home to ship it..booo you boring brown box people.

I received my box from Meg over at It’s Good to Be Queen  :) It was such an amazing encouragement! I felt like it came from my best friend :)

It was awesome to come home from a three day vacation to see a Cara Box waiting on me :) I couldn’t wait to delve into Meg’s box. She sent me an elephant air freshner from Bath and Body Works that I had to body tackle my sister to get back. My sister is the world’s #1 Elephant Fan..she has one on her car, her toothbrush, her computer, her wall, her phone..I mean it’s ridiculous..I digress…

She sent me some awesome new polish :) I’m currently sporting the Sneak a Peak one on my toes and fingers :D It’s so cute!

I wore my scarf :) It’s a little toasty to sport it in summer so I just turned the air in my office down to accommodate it. I loved the colors! Black, gray and blue :) My typical color scheme.

Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss! I looked all over my town for this book to send to Angela and Drake. I was jumping up and down when I saw it in the box. I promptly read it to my mom. Yes I know..I’m 20 something and reading to my mom..somethings you never out grow :)

The cookbook! I feel like I’ve gained 15lbs just looking looking through it :)

And last but certainly not least, Meg threw in a bag of gummy bears :) I”m not going to lie. I ate the whole bag..yep the whole bag. I didn’t share a single one. Greedy I know..but hey :) they were sooooo yummy!

I have definitely gained two new blog/twitter buddies this month! I love reading about their adventures, struggles and families. So if you haven’t done a Cara Box you should :) It’s a tiny little box of encouragement and an opportunity to gain new friends :)

XoXo :)


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3 thoughts on “June Cara Box Reveal!

  1. How cute!! Drake loves the monster book. I posted the pic of him in his onesie on my blog. We took the balls and bath toys to my parent’s pool last weekend. He and his friends loved it. My husband and I took the tickets to a party and got drinks with them. The tickets will be giving for a long time.


    1. I saw the picture on your blog :) he’s so cute! I’m glad you liked your box :)


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