Hurt Heart

My heart has been so sad this week. It’s always hard to blog when I’m sad :) But here it goes. This week the second largest firefighter tragedy since 9/11 occurred. 19 dedicated, brave firefighters lost their lives trying to save something beautiful. I have a lot of admiration for firefighters and several of my friends are firefighters in our town.

All I could think of when the story was breaking were the women. They sent their husbands to work only to have their worst nightmare become a reality. I can’t imagine the terror they must have felt when they realized that it was their crew on the news.

Tonight, there is a precious baby who will never meet her father. Four precious children don’t have a daddy to tuck them in. Wives without their husbands to hold them. It burdens my heart to think of those 19 families.
Hot shot firefighters are an elite crew. It’s not an easy task to become one. They train hard and long and fight at the front of the fire trying to tame her. This time she fought back.

So tonight when you tuck your little one in give them an extra kiss and hug. As for me, I’ll be praying for the families and friends of those brave firefighters.

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