My Maniac Monday

It was a Maniac Monday today if there ever was one! I don’t usually blog about work…but today deserves one. I hit the office door wide open at 7:45 this morning and have just collapsed into my bed to wind down.

Thankfully :) I was prepared! My ducks were in a row last week before I left for vacation. (Do you ever wonder where some of these phrases come from?..I mean who says ducks in a row??) So hopping back into it this morning was a breeze. It definitely helps that I have an AMAZING boss. I could write poetry, prose, a novel, a manual..something on her amazingness (if that is a word) of being my boss. How she does it all I’ll never know..but I aspire to be more like her. Thankfully she had given me the heads up last night about what we were looking at this morning :) Followed by a message that said: DO NOT think about it anymore tonight :) We’ll handle it tomorrow. <- Isn’t she the best!!!!!! She has taught me so much in the last 8 months (I can’t believe it’s been that long!). I can talk about her all night :) So back to today..Meetings all morning this morning, a “few” corrections turned into massive corrections on a publication that needs to go out like..ummm…before Thursday. A press conference that was scheduled for Wed got moved to today..yes as in Monday :) Hence…I calmly run like a chicken between the print shop and my office until everything is cut, matted, mounted and on easels ready to be put on the stage for said press conference only to discover we’re one frame short of a complete set. (Insert awesome boss who runs to get missing frame while I continue to work diligently..she seriously needs an award or something).

Lunch break consisted of running to grab my bunny, Baliee, from Aunt Lilly’s house. (Note from Bailee: Auntie Lilly was nice enough to babysit on such short notice because my mommy occasionally forgets I can’t feed myself when she goes on vacation.) Getting tinkled on by Aunt Lilly’s dachshund, LuLu :) She was so excited to see me bless her little heart. (For those of you not from the South..Bless Your/Her/His Heart is a phrase we soak with sarcasm and serve cold.)  But then came the dilemma of what to do with my bunny for the next 5 hours I had to work. Bailee stayed tucked away in our nice air conditioned office while I finished working. I think it’s the first time a bunny has ever been hidden in there. I couldn’t very well leave her in my truck..I didn’t particularly want fried rabbit for dinner. PS..I don’t eat rabbit so have no fear.

The press conference went off without any major catastrophes. WHEW! Then it was back to the office to finish the day out. Enter the rainstorm of the century. I was diligently working when…daaaaahhhh daaaaah daaaaahh….flicker flicker flicker..which as a graphic designer/computer geek is theeeeeeeeeeeeeee worst thing on the planet. You’re frantically pressing SAVE SAVE SAVE (while cursing yourself in your head) and hoping that by some miracle your computer saves your last 30mts+ of work. I have a motto “Save Early, Save Often” but like all fabulous graphic designers I sometimes fail to remember that motto. Alas, my work was saved, I shut Macadamia down, grabbed Bailee and dashed out the door with the hopes that the space between the door to my truck through the pouring rain was smaller than it actually was…it wasn’t. Poor Bailee had her first bath and floating experience :( I tried y’all..but it’s incredibly awkward to run with a bunny cage in both hands, keys in your teeth (what I had no hands!) and a tote bag falling off your shoulder. I bought her a new chewy toy to make up for it. She might be on speaking terms with me on Friday..

So that was my Maniac Marvelous Monday :)

Much Love!

A Now Dry Lemon :)

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  1. I believe Ducks in a row is from bowling. In grade school one time we learned about a bunch of expressions. That’s one of the few things I remember from grade school. It’s awesome that you have such a great boss. They can be hard to find. Glad to hear your press conference went well.


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