Saturday Start

So it’s been a great week this week :) I headed out Wednesday afternoon to TN to hangout with my family for a few days. I love coming back to my favorite state whenever I can. I brought my June Carabox with me to mail to Angela :)

I hit some major accomplishments workout wise this week :) I ran a mile straight without stopping which is huge for me! I’ve been struggling with my breathing for about three months now. It wasn’t that my legs couldn’t do it I just couldn’t breathe. But this week I ran a 9:30 mile without stopping shaving a total of 3 minutes off my mile time from last week. I can tell a huge difference since I’ve started cross training again. Working on your core strength helps your body in huge ways.

I think cross training is crucial for injury prevention. I’ve noticed since I started back that my quad muscle isn’t hurting nearly as bad as before. I’ve been doing the Runners World Run streak that started on Memorial Day. I’ve been running a mile if not more each day and I’ll continue through July 4th. It is hard! It’s a lot on your body when you don’t have that rest day. But I see from my training records that I’m gaining distance as well as speed. I’m over halfway there :) 6/14 marked the halfway point so just a little bit more to go :)

As far as the cross training goes this is what I do: I supplement my running with yoga. As much impact as my body takes it needs equal rest and pampering. I find that my balance is stronger which helps me react faster to changes in turf while I’m running. I also swim about 1500m+ 2-3 times a week. This helps with my breathing patterns. I have to focus on the breathing and become aware of each breath entering and exiting my body. I also lift weights, Zumba, and kick box. Changing up my workouts help to. My body gets accustomed to a routine and I find my weight-loss plateaus. So I switch it up :)

What you eat fuels your body :) So I make sure I am pumping my body full of healthy options. Cut out the processed food and you will be amazed a how much better you feel. Hydration is so important. It is something that living in the South I am super conscious of. I run alot on my lunch break and in SC that means temperatures between 88 – 94+ degrees.

This morning I took my run to the streets. The con of there only being one treadmill in the hotel where you are staying. I ran down the sidewalk and up on monstrosity of a hill. Came back to the hotel and did my ab workout while mom slept. I love family vacation hate the fact that I never get any sleep while we’re on vacation. Between my mom snoring (worse than a trucker), my dad snoring (his is more like a snort) and the city noises  I just lay in bed and contemplate my life after I have run out of episodes to watch online lol :)

So now I’m chilling in the lobby writing about my week while eating a scrumptious breakfast of eggs and fruit. I’ve gotten three more chapters of my book written :) It’s coming along nicely and I’m excited to see how it is going to develop in the next few weeks.

I’m going to see some houses next week :) So Operation New Casa is going well. The goal continues to be to have my own place by the end of August. We’re getting one step closer!!!

I did see something that peaked my interest at breakfast this morning :) This 13U baseball team walked in at breakfast wearing my college’s logo. Yep..can we say copyright infringement? I think so..So on the left you will see our logo and on the right you will see their logo. Apparently they didn’t realize that only changing one letter doesn’t make it theirs?











How has your week gone? Any major moments to be proud of?

Happy Saturday!

XoXo~ A Worked Out Lemon :)

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