It’s Friday!

Three posts in one day..I know I’re going to be sick of me but I haven’t had my writing time this week and I missed it.

So it’s Friday! I was thinking of all the things this week that added up to this Fabulous Friday :)

Sun – Thur ~ I’ve been running around like crazy with 3 & 4 yr olds at VBS and it was such a blessing and learning experience! (more details!)

Mon ~ One of my coworkers asked to join me while I worked out at lunch this week. It is so cool to be able to inspire others to pursue healthy living! We worked out together this week and she challenges me to be better. On Tuesday, I had a girl in the gym ask to do my ab workout with us! I was so excited! I’m making a difference in people! I was able to share some eating tips with her and she asked for some workout suggestions :) ( so exciting!)

My boss returned from her vacation and she was radiating :) I’m so glad to see her rested and rejuvenated! Being a full time mom, wife, boss and sister is a hard job and I’m glad she got some time to chill out :) She is the best boss and I love how much better she makes my life at work. Her smile lights up the office and she is so encouraging. Never a bad day at work when she’s around :)

My favorite NY guy was around this week for a camp he was working. I am so glad to see him finally settling into the South and looking happy. He’s been training for a fitness competition and ladies..he looks good. He’s currently only 16 lbs heavier than me which is unbelievably weird! Props to him for working so hard on his body! We talked for a bit this week and I’m glad he’s decided to talk to me again. He goes through phases of being a complete people hater to a people semi-hater. I guess it’s a northern thing..

Tues ~ I hit a new running record this week :) I thought it would never come y’all! I’ve been so ticked off with my body lately. My breathing is getting stronger thanks to yoga and some breathing exercises. I’m still concerned with it but not enough to go get a pulmonary test. I hit a 7:22 mile :) so props to me for kicking some running booty this week! I’m doing the #RWRunStreak challenge and it’s intense. I’m seeing a decrease in my time which I think is coming from over-running. I’m not sure I’ll do the running everyday again after this challenge is over.

Wed ~ Found out my brother is coming home for about 6 days :) He is the best brother any girl could ask for and I never get to see or talk to him enough. Yes Navy, I love you too.. So it will be a blessing to hug him a little bit this weekend!

Thur ~ Lunch with Heather ~ After having a mild panic attack from a lost wallet, I finally made it to eat lunch with Heather. What a lunch it was! I found out my very best friend in the whole world got a new job.  We have been praying for this for a while :) She is blissfully happy and loving her job. She also had the best secret to tell/show me at lunch yesterday! Our schedules have been a bit crazy and we haven’t been able to see each other in a couple of months. Bless her heart she’s been holding it in to tell me in person and it was an amazing moment of giggling and screaming and laughing. My Heather is finally pregnant!!!! There will be a little boy joining our all girl crew soon :)  She’s 23 weeks along and has the cutest baby bump already. Talk about my heart being full!

How could I not wake up and have a fabulous Friday after that week :) Today I’m headed to the river after work. We’ve got some dirt roads to ride down and some kayak’s to throw in the water :) Can’t wait to see Heather maneuver that baby bump into her kayak! (Dear Baby P: I promise to take pictures since your mom is kind of slack about that!)

How was your work week? Are you having a fabulous Friday? I hope so!

XoXo~ Lemon

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