The Life of a Crew Leader

Hellos :) I’m sorry I’ve been lagging lately! My life is full of insanity this week. But I am loving every minute of it :) I’ve volunteered myself to help with VBS at my new church. {One of my new goals to get out of my comfort zone!} I figured it would be a great way to meet some people and kids at church.

I adore kids! I don’t currently have any of my own so it’s always fun to love on someone else’s for awhile. I asked to help with the preschoolers, if they needed helpers, because that age group is my favorite. Oh boy, oh boy! I know now why they looked at me funny. These kids are INSANE!

So we’re on night 3 of this crazy train and I’m still alive! Tonight’s comical moment occurred in our movie time while they were flapping around the room pretending to be birds. One of my little minions tooted. Yes sirreeeee….he let out a big one of course at the quietest moment of the whole night. Poor thing, he was so embarrassed. The kids, being kids, yelled pootie bird pootie bird and starting running around the room pretending to be pootie birds. Classic :)

We made it through the night with a few more tears, no spills!, and only one child attempting to run. In case you haven’t hung-out with any preschoolers lately they like to take off….and I mean really take off:) I need to work on my 50m dash!

I’ll tell you the other comedies of crew leading tomorrow for the moment, this blissfully exhausted crew leader has collapsed into her bed and shall now attempt to sleep zzzzZZZZZZ.

XOXO ~ an exhausted Lemon :)

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