DIY Vanilla Extract

Bake much? I do! I’m always looking for a DIY method to make anything that will save me some money. I discovered today that you can make your own vanilla extract. It’s super simple! All you have to do is soak raw vanilla beans in vodka. Add three vanilla beans, chopped, to one cup of vodka.  Pour it into an airtight container. Let that steep for at least four weeks. {Some vanilla purists insist good vanilla extract takes a good 6 months of soaking.} Taste it as it ages to figure out when it’s “done” to you. Experiment with flavors by using different varieties of vanilla beans. You can put it into a decorative bottle with a crafty label and viola you have an excellent gift for newly weds!

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

XOXO~ Lemon

Source: 7 Amazing Things You Can Do with Vodka

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