Houston we got no power

Well hurricane season is upon us here in the south. As I sit here typing, the power has been off at my house now for three hours. I’m sure the guys are diligently working in the pouring rain to fix the problem, the poor dears. I’ve been summoned to the land of grandma’s house where electricity and food await :) not bad except I had to ford a river, jog through the woods and over come a large dog to get there. My truck is currently on high ground with the hopes that she won’t get flooded :)

The best thing about a rainy day is how soothing it is. No stress from work as I’m off today and I can just relax and listen to the rain as it makes a tink tink tink sound on the roof. I find I’m bursting with ideas. It’s amazing what happens when you “unplug” yourself for a little while.

We had a scrumptious lunch at Gram’s house :)

Tuna, black beans and salad :) It paired nicely with my juice. I’m pleased to see mom and gram getting serious about their health. Now if I could just figure out how to keep them away from the donuts…..

So how is it where you live? Is tropical storm Andrea causing you problems?

{one slightly drenched} Lemon

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