Where is my lucky shirt!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s the night before race day and I’m double checking my gear only to realize I can’t find my lucky shirt! Let me explain :) this poor Nike dry fit shirt has been with me since this fitness journey began. I’ve been working on a post about my journey as several people have asked me to share so stay tuned! It’s coming :) this poor little dude has endured hours of Zumba, running, ab workouts, tears, puke and has hung in there like a trouper! I love this little shirt! It’s been my race buddy since I ran/walked my first 5k in Oct of last year.

Lil dude endured 50* weather in Jan for the Polar Run, 68* weather for the C Run and a trip to the ER on race day with my running buddy. I looked everywhere for it! The fridge (I have this retarded habit of accidentally putting things in my lunch box…mostly my phone), the washroom, the bathroom, the depths of the backseat of my truck, called my mom, asked my roomie. . . Nothing!

Now I have other workout clothes that I could wear to the race tomorrow, but this little guy feels like he’s giving me a hug every time I take one more step on my run. We’re pals! We’ve been through two plateaus, weight gain, drastic loss, fits of anger, and two weekends ago a victory.

My goal for each 5k I run/walk (I’m almost to the run without walking stage!) is to beat my time from the last one.
So far, I’m at:
Oct: 45:43
Jan: 54:12 we had an injury at the 1/4 mile marker, my dad went down :/
Mar: 40ish I clocked myself at 36:52 but the course was .43 longer than it was supposed to be.
My goal for tomorrow: below 40 :)
My goal for the year: 6 races

Oh by the way! I found Lucky :) he was tucked away in my high heels bin. He’s now in the wash and will be ready to rock and roll in the am!

Wish me well!
XOXO~ Lemon Raindrop

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