The LIttle Note Exchange :)

I’m happily on my 3rd week of the little note exchange! I’ve had such fun following the Lori & the Vann clan. I feel like we’re kindred spirits. I was ecstatic to notice that we both live in the same state! Who knows maybe one day we’ll cross paths outside the blog sphere :) PS… I’m super envious of Lori’s office view! I stare at a grey wall all day and she gets to look at two of my favorite things..a soccer field and a football stadium!

I love the handwritten word! To me it resonates so much more than a text or a tweet. There is just something about the way the letters curve and bow and the uniqueness of each person’s handwriting. I firmly believe that if we’re not careful we’ll lose this precious thing forever as technology grows.

It’s a fun thing to do for a month! If you want to be a pen pal for a month click the button to the right and get the details! I’m going to sign up again next month!

XOXO ~ Lemon Raindrop

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